F. C. Baur, Bibliography

For a recent translation of Baur’s Lectures on New Testament Theology, see:

2016. Ferdinand Christian Baur. Lectures on New Testament Theology. Edited by Peter C. Hodgson. Translated by Robert F. Brown. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

For a recent collection of essays on Baur, see:

2014. Ferdinand Christian Baur und die Geschichte des frühen Christentums. Edited by Martin Bauspieß, Christof Landmesser, and David Lincicum. Tübingen: Mohr.

A bibliography of F. C. Baur can be found in the following work:

Harris, H. (1975). The Tübingen School. Oxford: Clarendon Press.

There are links to some of these works at his Wikipedia page.

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