This page will be devoted to Bibliographies of Neutestamentler/innen in the German Language Sphere (BNGLS). More specifically, it will contain bibliographies of the English publications of German-language-sphere scholars as well as links to their web pages, pages, blogs, and twitter. I know, of course, that it is neither complete nor up-to-date. Therefore, if you are a German-language-sphere scholar who would like me to add/update your English publications or links, please email me at, with the subject line BNGLS. Likewise, let me know if you want me to revise my list of your research areas (but this must be kept short enough to fit on one line). I have included some scholars who are not New Testament scholars in the strict sense but whose research is relevant for New Testament scholarship. If an author publishes extensively in English, I have sometimes provided only one link, e.g., Eng/WP. Sincere apologies to all the German-language-sphere scholars whom I have missed in compiling this list (just let me know and I’ll add you).

KEY: Eng = English Bibliography; WP = Web page; Bib = Bibliography; Acad = page; TW = Twitter; GFN = Germanforneutestamentler posts; DNB = Deutsche Nationale Bibliotek; Wiki = Wikipedia; AV = AudioVideo; apocrypha = ancient Christian apocrypha; JCD = Jewish-Christian Dialogue; LSup = Lord’s Supper/Eucharist. NPOP = New Perspective on Paul; NTT = New Testament theology; OTNT = Old Testament in the New Testament; SM = Sermon on the Mount;

Prof. Stefan Alkier (Goethe Universität): Eng; WP; GFN;

Miracles, resurrection, intertextuality, canon, Rev, Rom, Lk, 1 Pet

Dr. Soham Al-Suadi (Bern): Eng; WP;

Prophecy, meals, Spirit, Luke-Acts, Paul, LSup, etc.

Darko Anev (Berlin): WP;

Death of Jesus in John (PhD)

Prof. Peter Arzt-Grabner (Salzburg): Eng; WP; Acad; GFN;

Papyrology, Paul, Philemon, 1-2 Cor, Letters, Bible versions, etc.

Prof. Friedrich Avemarie (1960-2012): Eng; BibWP; GFN;

Torah, Covenant, rabbinic, NPOP, Acts, Gospels, etc.

Pater Julian R. Backes O.Praem (Bochum): WP; Acad;

Liturgy of the New Covenant in Paul (PhD)

Prof. Michael Bachmann (Siegen): Eng; WP; GFN;

Anti-Judaism, Galatians, Luke-Acts, etc.

Prof. Knut Backhaus (München): Eng; WP;

Covenant, Luke-Acts, Revelation, Hebrews, etc.

Jan Basczok (Göttingen): WP:

Travel, history of religion, theory and method, etc.

Dr. Thomas Johann Bauer  (Freiburg): WP;

Revelation, Phil, Gal, Apophthegmata Patrum, empire, etc.

Prof. Walter Bauer (1877-1960): Wiki; O&HOnline; HT; TC;

Orthodoxy and Heresy, lexicography, John, Catholic Letters, etc.

Prof. Armin D. Baum (FTH Gießen): Eng/WPWP; WP;

Authorship, anonymity, inerrancy, genre, canon, Acts, etc.

Prof. em. Norbert Baumert (Sankt Georgen): Eng; WP;

Paul, men/women, charism, etc.

Prof. F. C. Baur (1792-1860): Bib; HT; TCGFN; BPWiki;

History of Christianity, Paul, NTT, etc.

Prof. Eve-Marie Becker (Münster): Eng; WP; WP; Acad; GFN;

Paul, Phil, humility, Mark, Mt, John, historiography, hermeneutics

Prof. Hans-Jürgen Becker (Göttingen): Eng; WP;

Rabbinic, mysticism, Matthew, SM, Talmud, etc.

Prof. em. Jürgen Becker (Kiel): EngWP;

Oral trad, Jesus, Paul, Gal, John, Peter, SM, resurrection, NTT etc.

Dr. Matthias Becker (Göttingen): EngWP;

Porphyry, rhetoric, biography, exorcism, etc.

Dr. Michael Becker (München): Eng; WP; Bib;

Miracles, magic, demons, Qumran, apocalyptic, etc.

Christian Bemmerl (Regensburg): WP; Acad;

Early Reception of James (PhD)

Prof. Reinhard von Bendemann (Bochum): Eng; WP;

Miracles, Christmas, retribution, travel narrative, history of int.

Christoph Berger (Halle): WP;

Ecclesiology in Corpus Johanneum (PhD)

Dr. Dorothea Bertschmann: Eng/WP;

Pauline Theology, Political Theology, Reception Hist, Theol. Ethics

Prof. Hans Dieter Betz: WP; WikiDNB;

Galatians, Philippians, 2 Corinthians, SM, Greco-Roman World, etc.

Prof. em. Johannes Beutler (Sankt Georgen): Eng; WP;

John, Judaism and Christianity, Peace, etc.

Dr. Matthias Blum (FU Berlin): WP;

Israel, Judaism, antisemitism, etc.

Prof. em. Otto Böcher (Mainz): WP;

Revelation; JBap; Satan, etc.

Kerstin Böhm (Wien): WP; Acad;

Johannine writings; confession of sins in John (Phd)

Prof. Martina Böhm (Hamburg): WP; Acad;

Samaritans, Luke-Acts, Mark, 1 Cor, women, Abraham, SM

Prof. Lukas Bormann (Marburg): EngWP; Bib; DNB;

Luke-Acts, Paul, Colossians, reception, hist. NT research

Prof. Günther Bornkamm (1905-1990): Wiki; DNB;

Redaction criticism, Paul, John, Jesus, etc.

Dr. Jens Börstinghaus (Erlangen): WP;

Unknown gods, etc.

Prof. Christfried Böttrich (Greifswald): Eng; WP;

Luke-Acts, Paul, Peter, Adam, Melchizedek, Jacob, Enoch

François Bovon (1938-2013): WikiDNB

Topics: Luke, apocrypha, emergence of Christianity, etc.

Andrew Bowden (München): Eng/WP; Acad;

James, Romans 7, ἐπιθυμία in Paul (PhD), etc.

Prof. em. Egon Brandenburger (Mainz): WP;

Paul, Adam, Flesh/Spirit, evil, judgment, Mark, etc.

Prof. em. Rudolf Brändle (Basel): WP;

John Chrysostom, Matthew 25, etc.

Clarissa Breu (Wien): WP; Acad;

Postmodern theory; hermeneutics, Revelation (Phd)

Prof. Cilliers Breytenbach (Berlin): Eng; WP; Acad;

Mark, death of Christ, Christian space, etc.

Geeske Brinkmann (Berlin): WP;

Παθήματα in early Christian letters (PhD)

Prof. Ingo Broer (Siegen): Eng; WP;

NTIntro, Matthew, Israel, death/resurrection, John, etc.

Dr. Klaus-Michael Bull (Rostock): WP; Bib;

John, Johannine community, Asia Minor, Paul, Rom 14-15, judgment

Prof. Rudolf Bultmann (1884-1976): Bib; GFNCongdon;

Synoptics, John, Paul, hermeneutics, NT Theology, etc.

apl. Prof. Peter Busch (Heidelberg): WP;

Revelation 12, Testament of Solomon, magic, etc.

Prof. Ulrich Busse (Duisburg-Essen): Eng; WP;

John, Luke-Acts, miracles, images, metaphor, etc.

Prof. Christian Cebulj (Chur): Eng; WP:

Pedagogy, John, topography, Decapolis, etc.

Prof. Carsten Claußen (Zürich): EngWP;

Synagogue, John, Qumran, Faith, Eucharist, Schweitzer, etc.

Prof. Wayne Coppins (University of Georgia): WP; BibBUP;

Mark, Paul, freedom, translation, German scholarship, etc.

Dr. István Czachesz (Heidelberg): EngWP; Acad;

Cognitive science; magic; miracles; apocrypha, etc.

Mirjam Daume (Heidelberg): WP;

Luke’s Jerusalem image, Jews/Israel and Christians in Luke-Acts

Prof. em. Gerhard Dautzenberg (Giessen): WP;

Jesus, Paul, 1 Peter, faith, Mark, law, freedom, etc.

Prof. Roland Deines (Nottingham): Eng/WP; Acad;

Jesus, Pharisees, Matthew, James, historiography, etc.

Dr. Athanasios Despotis (Bonn): Eng/WP;

New Perspective on Paul and Eastern Orthodox on Paul etc.

Dr. Jan Dochhorn (Durham): Eng; WP; WP; Acad;

Synoptics, Mark, Heb, 2nd cent, Devil/angels, Judaism, etc.

Prof. Lutz Doering (Münster): Eng; WP; Acad;

Sabbath, Letters, Qumran, Jesus, Paul, Law, etc.

Ass. Prof. J. Andrew Doole (Innsbruck): Eng/WP;

Mark, Matthew, etc.

Prof. em. Detlev Dormeyer (Dortmund): Eng; WPBib;

Gospel Genre, Mark, Luke-Acts, NT Intro, NT Theology, etc.

Prof. Peter Dschulnigg (1943-2011): Bib;

Mark, Parables, John, Peter, Festivals, etc.

Prof. Eva Ebel (Zürich): Eng; WP;

Paul, 1-2 Cor, 1 Thess, Luke-Acts, epigraphy, collection, etc.

Prof. Martin Ebner (Bonn): WP;

Mark, historical Jesus, city, social history, exegesis, etc.

Prof. em. Jost Eckert (Trier): WP;

Paul, Galatians, 2 Corinthians, Acts, Jesus, SM, etc.

Prof. Ehrhard Kamlah: WP;

Resurrection, Paul, suffering, myth, etc.

Prof. Ute E. Eisen (Giessen): Eng; WP; Acad;

Gospels, Acts, Mark, office, narratology, gender, postcolonial, etc.

Paulus Enke (Leipzig): WP;

Dream and dream interpretation in apocrypha (PhD)

Prof. em. Michael Ernst (Salzburg): WP;

Papyri; geography, etc.

Ted Erho (München): Eng/WP; Acad;

1 Enoch, Pseudepigrapha, War Scroll, etc.

Prof. Kurt Erlemann (Wuppertal): WP; Bib;

Parables, Spirit, miracles, God, Parousia, Trinity

Wolfgang Ernst (Wien): WP; Acad;

Didache in context (PhD); associations, etc.

Dr. Christina Eschner (Berlin): WP; Acad;

Death of Christ, Pauline soteriology, Law, etc.

Kathleen Ess (Heidelberg): WPAcad; BUP;

Eusebeia in pagan, Hellenistic Jewish, and EC traditions (PhD)

Alida Euler (Heidelberg): WP;

Psalms in Matthew (PhD)

Prof. Reinhard Feldmeier (Göttingen): Eng; WP;

God, Hellenistic, 1 Peter, Luke-Acts, Paul, Ethics, theodicy etc.

Dr. Wolfgang Fenske: WP; WPBlog;

Prayer, Methods, Jesus, Paul, Beloved Disciple, etc.

Prof. Karin Finsterbusch (Koblenz): Eng; WP;

Deuteronomy, Torah, rabbinic, Bible, Paul, etc.

Dr. Jochen Flebbe (Bonn/Dortmund): Eng; WP; WP; GFN;

God in Romans, John, OTNT, Torah, evil, etc.

Tobias Flemming (Dresden): WP;

Marcion, canon, text criticism, Ephesians

Tanja Forderer (Hamburg): WP;

Creation and gender in early Judaism and the New Testament

Dr. Hans Förster (Wien): Eng; WP;

Coptic John, Christmas, Epiphany, Transitus Mariae, etc.

Dr. Niclas Förster (Münster): Eng; WP;

Jesus, Josephus, Prayer, Gnosis, Hellenistic Judaism, Judas

Prof. Hubert Frankemölle (Paderborn): WP/Bib;

Matthew, Israel, Jesus, Judaism, etc.

Prof. Marco Frenschkowski (Leipzig): Eng; WP;

History of religion, Mark, Q, magic, revelation, etc.

Prof. Jörg Frey (Zürich): Eng; WPAcad; GFN;

John, Paul, Qumran, SM, Rev, Jude, 2 Peter, etc.

Dr. Georg Gäbel (Münster): Eng; WP; Acad;

Textual Criticism, Hebrews, Cult theologies, etc.

Prof. Volker Gäckle (Liebenzell): WP; WP;

Paul, 1 Cor 8-10; Rom 14; priesthood of all believers, etc.

Dr. Zbyněk Garský (Bern): Eng/WP;

John/Synoptics, Galilee, intertexuality, Physiologus, etc.

Dr. Gabriella Gelardini (Basel): Eng; WP; Bib; Acad;

Hebrews, Mark, Jewish war, hermeneutics, etc.

Prof. Petra von Gemünden (Augsburg): Eng; WP; GFN;

Psychology, emotions, anger, vegetation, James, images, Romans

Prof. Dieter Georgi (1929-2005): Bib;

Paul, 2 Cor, opponents, collection, theocracy, urban theology, etc.

Prof. Christine Gerber (Hamburg): WP;

Josephus, Paul, family, Spirit, sin, feminist, NPOP, Eph, Mk, 1Cor

Prof. Marlis Gielen (Salzburg): WPBib

Paul, 1 Cor 11; Matthew; 1 Peter; resurrection, etc.

Prof. em. Heinz Giesen, CSsR (St. Augustin): Eng; WP;

Eschatology, synoptics, 1 Pet, Rev, Mark, Romans, Phil, poverty

Dr. Jens Gillner (Hamburg): WP;

Judgment in Luke

Monika Elisabeth Götte (Zürich): WP;

Myths of evil’s origin and Christian reception (PhD)

Prof. Hans-Georg Gradl (Trier): WP;

Luke-Acts, Apocalyptic, Revelation, Miracles, Mark, etc.

Moritz Gräper (Münster): WP; Acad;

New Testament and Apartheid. Postcolonial Readings (PhD)

Prof. Margareta Gruber OSF (Vallendar): WP;

Revelation, 2 Cor, Triumph, Mark, John, women, freedom, etc.

Dr. Mark R. C. Grundeken (Freiburg): Eng/WP;

Unity in Ephesians, Hermas, EC communities, Revelation, etc.

Dr. Wolfgang Grünstäudl (Wuppertal): Eng; WP; Acad;

Luke-Acts, Catholic Letters, 2 Peter, Jude, 2nd century, dis/ability,

Rainer Gugl (Wien): WP; Acad;

Beginnings of Domestic Religion in Christianity (PhD)

Prof. Gudrun Guttenberger (PH Ludwigsburg): Eng; WP; Acad;

Mark, Status renunciation, love of neighbor, 1 Peter, 1 Cor, women

Prof. em. Klaus Haacker (Wuppertal): Eng; WP;

Romans, death of Christ, New Perspective, Acts, etc.

Prof. Gerd Häfner (München): Eng; WP; Blog;

JBap, Pastorals, Jesus, historiography, criteria, 1 Pet, etc.

Prof. Ferdinand Hahn (1926-2015): Eng; WP;

Christology, methodology, Col&Eph, NT Theology, etc.

Dr. Axel Hammes (Münster): WP;

John, Revelation, Bible&Politics, death/resurrection, etc.

Prof. Adolf von Harnack (1851-1930): Wiki; HT; TC;

Marcion, history of Christianity, Gospels, Acts, etc.

Prof. Judith Hartenstein (Koblenz): Eng; WP; WP 

John, apocrypha, miracles, asceticism, Mary Magdalene

Prof. em. Martin Hasitschka SJ (Innsbruck): EngWP;

Discipleship, John, Sin, 1 John, Matt, Heb, Paul, Rev, etc.

Prof. Wilfried Haubeck (Ewersbach): WP;

Topics: parables, redemption, death of Christ, ecclesiology, etc.

Prof. Theo Heckel (Erlangen): WP;

Canon, Gospels, Paul, inner human being, James, etc.

Dr. Philippe van den Heede (Bochum): WP;

John, farewell discourse, etc.

Prof. Christoph Heil (Graz): Eng/WP; WP

Jesus, Q, Galatians, Revelation, etc.

Dr. Jan Heilmann (Dresden): Eng; WP; Acad;

John, Acts, Meals, Lord’s Supper, etc.

Christoph Heilig (Zürich): Eng; WP; Acad; GFN;

Paul and Empire, Triumph, Jewish traditions in Paul, etc.

Prof. Roman Heiligenthal (Koblenz): WP;

Works, Paul, Enoch, methods, Jesus, etc.

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Heininger (Würzburg): Eng; WP;

Metaphor, Paul, visions, Plutarch, kingdom, inculturation, Mark

Prof. Martin Hengel (1926-2009): Eng; BibDNBGFN;

Judaism/Hellenism, Christology, Paul, Jesus, Gospels, etc.

Dr. Anni Hentschel (Göttingen): Eng; WP;

Diakonia, Martha/Mary, apostleship, 2 Cor, etc.

Prof. Jens Herzer (Leipzig): Eng; WP; Acad;

Pastorals, pseudepigraphy, 1 Peter, Christmas, Matt, etc.

Prof. Catherine Hezser (Soas): Eng/WP; Acad;

Travel, slavery, literacy, rabbinic, Jewish daily life, etc.

Prof. Thomas Hieke (Mainz, Old Testament): Eng; WP; WP;

OTNT, Q, Synoptics, Mark, Rev, resurrection, scripture, etc.

Prof. Rainer Hirsch-Luipold (Bern): Eng; WP; Acad;

John, Paul, ethics, Middle Platonism, Plutarch, etc.

Prof. Christina Hoegen-Rohls (Münster): Eng; WP;

John, Paul, Letters, miracles, Psalms, new creation, etc.

Prof. em. Otfried Hofius (Tübingen): Eng; WikiDNB;

Paul, Christology, Hebrews, Septuagint, Phil 2, hymns, etc.

Prof. em. Paul Hoffmann (Bamberg): DNB;

Q, Jesus, etc.

Prof. em. Peter Hofrichter (Salzburg): WP; Acad;

(Prologue of) John, Mark, Gnosis, church of East, syriac,

Dr. Michael Hölscher (Mainz): WP; Acad; Blog; GFN;

Matthew; Luke; Q; John the Baptist; Mammon, etc.

Prof. em. Rudolf Hoppe (Bonn): Eng; WP;

1 Cor 8; 1 Thess; Ephesians; Colossians; James, etc.

Prof. Friedrich Wilhelm Horn (Mainz): Eng; WP; GFN;

Paul, Spirit, 1 Peter, Luke-Acts, ethics, etc.

Dr. Heike Hötzinger (Regensburg): WP;

Acts 6, Acts of John, etc.

Prof. Konrad Huber (Mainz): WP; Acad;

Mark; John, Revelation, etc.

Prof. Sandra Huebenthal (Passau): EngWP; Acad;

Memory Approach, Mark, Mt, Lk, John, OTNT, pseudepigraphy, etc.

Dr. Martin Hüneburg (Leipzig): WP;

Paul school, Q, miracles, interreligious dialogue, etc.

Dr. Henning Hupe (Heidelberg): WP;

Luke-Acts, righteousness and justice in Jesus tradition, etc.

Prof. Ulrich Hutter (Siegen): Eng; WP;

Early Christianity in Asia Minor

Prof. Tal Ilan (FU Berlin): WP; Acad)

Ancient Judaism, Rabbinic Literature, Gender Studies, names etc.

Eva-Maria Isber (Augsburg): WP;

Women in NT and Greek Orthodox/Protestants on Scripture (PhD)

Dr. Christine Jacobi (Berlin): Eng; WP; Acad; Blog; GFN;

Jesus Tradition in Paul, Resurrection, etc.

Prof. em. Bernd Janowski (Tübingen: OT): Eng; WP; Acad;

Sühne, Stellvertretung, atonement, anthropology, Biblical theology

Prof. Claudia Janssen (Marburg): EngWP; Bib;

Gender, Jewish-Christian Dialogue, resurrection, body etc.

Dr. Torsten Jantsch (München): Eng; WP; Acad; Blog; GFN;

Paul, Luke-Acts, 1 Corinthians 11, etc.

Minhua Jing (Heidelberg): WP;

A narratological analysis of the ending of Acts

Felix John (Kiel): WP;

Galatians/Asia Minor (PhD)

Michael Jost (Zürich): WP; Acad;

Fellowship with the Angels in earthly worship (PhD)

In Jung (Heidelberg): WP;

cognitive-narratological analysis of Lukan passion story

apl. Prof. Werner Kahl (Goethe Universität): Eng; WP; Acad;

Miracles, African Bibl. Interpretation, homosexuality, mission, etc.

Dr. Ursula Ulrike Kaiser (Hamburg): Eng; WP; Acad;

Hypostasis of the Archons, Nag Hammadi, Judas, Joseph, etc.

Prof. em. Ehrhard Kamlah (Mainz): WP;

Resurrection, Suffering, Paul, Luke 16, myth, love of enemy, etc.

Prof. Rainer Kampling (FU Berlin): WP;

Israel, Judaism and Christianity, Mark, law, etc.

Prof. Martin Karrer (Wuppertal): Eng; WP;

Jesus, Christology, Revelation, Hebrews, Septuagint, etc.

Prof. Ernst Käsemann (1906-1998): EngWiki; DNBGFNBP;

Paul, Romans, righteousness, law, Jesus, liberation theology, etc.

Prof. Lars Kierspel (Shiloh University): Eng/Acad; WP;

Paul, John, German scholarship, translation

Dr. Jordash Kiffiak (Zürich): EngWP;

Miracle stories, etc.

Nara Kim (Bern): WP;

Metaphors, identity construction, Paul, etc.

Prof. em. Gisela Kittel (Bielefeld): WP;

Death, overcoming of death, atonement, sin, Mark, etc.

Prof. Hans-Joseph Klauck (Chicago): Eng/WP; GFN;

123John, Corinthians, Acts, magic, Letters, apocrypha, etc.

Prof. Matthias Klinghardt (Dresden): Eng; WP;

SynP, canon, Marcion, sexuality, meals, Luke-Acts, prayer, etc.

Prof. Paul-Gerhard Klumbies (Kassel): WP;

Myth, Luke, resurrection faith, God in Paul and Judaism

Dr. Esther Kobel (Basel): Eng; WP; Bib; Acad;

Paul (as intercultural mediator), John, Meals, etc.

Prof. Dietrich-Alex Koch (Münster): EngWP; GFN;

HistofChristanity, Umwelt, Paul, Septuagint, OTNT, Mark, canon

Prof. Helmut Koester (1926-2016): WPObituary; Amazon;

Topics: NTIntro, apocrypha, religions of ancient world, etc.

Prof. Bernd Kohlmann (Siegen): Eng; WP;

Jesus, Miracles, Jerusalem, Barnabas, Paul, etc.

Prof. Matthias Konradt (Heidelberg): Eng; WP; GFN;

Matthew, Paul, James, Israel, Golden Rule, etc.

Dr. Thomas Knöppler (München): Eng; WP;

Death of Christ; Sühne, John; Luke, Revelation, etc.

Dr. Thomas J. Kraus (Zürich): Eng; WP;

Manuscripts, (il)literacy, 2 Peter, Psalm 90 [91 MT], Septuagint

Prof. Wolfgang Kraus (Saarland): EngWP;

Jewish-Christian dialogue, Septuagint, Paul, NPOP, Heb, Mt, John

Dr. Stefan Krauter (München): Eng; WP;

Romans 13, Citizenship, Romans 7, Acts, B. S. Childs, etc.

Ass. Prof. Christina M. Kreinecker (Salzburg): EngWP;

Papyrology, 2 Thess, death/resurrection, coptic, freedom

Jennifer Krumm (Berlin): WP; Acad;

Sprawl of Christianity in Anatolian region of North Galatia (PhD)

Prof. Joachim Kügler (Bamberg): WPWP;

John, Letters of John, Paul, Acts, Africa, etc.

Prof. em. Heinz-Wolfgang Kuhn (München): EngWP; Acad;

Jesus, Paul, Mark, crucifixion, Qumran, Bethsaida, etc.

Dr. Friederike Kunath (Zürich): WP; Acad;

John, preexistence, Mary Magdalene, incarnation, etc.

Prof. Roman Kühschelm (Wien): WP;

Persecution, hardening, Matthew, etc.

apl. Prof. Michael Labahn (Halle): Eng; WP;

John, Luke-Acts, Q, etc.

Prof. Peter Lampe (Heidelberg): Eng; WP; Acad;

Rome, 1 Corinthians, historiography, NT theology, etc.

apl. Prof. Manfred Lang (Halle): Eng; WP;

John&Synoptics, Lukan Paul, Corpus Hellenisticum, etc.

Dr. Markus Lang (Wien): WP;

Egyptian Christianity; methods, deutero-Paulines, etc.

Prof. Armin Lange: Eng/WP; Acad;

Qumran, Shema, canon, etc.

Dr. Daniel Lanzinger (Bonn): Eng; WP; Acad;

Paul, Allegory, Resurrection, History& propaganda, etc.

Prof. em. Michael Lattke (Queensland): EngWP; Acad;

Odes of Sol, hymns, koG, Jesus, John, freedom, Bultmann

Dr. Markus Lau (Freiburg): WP;

Synoptics, Mark, Acts, Thecla, Jerusalem, etc.

Hi-Cheong Lee (Berlin): WP;

Two-Ways Metaphor in Primitive Christianity (PhD)

Dr. Jutta Leonhardt-Balzer (Zürich): Eng; WP; Acad;

Philo, dualism, Qumran, John, Paul, Israel, Mark, etc.

Saskia Lerdon (Heidelberg): WP;

Lamb motif in biblical texts and reception in art history (PhD)

Prof. Hermann Lichtenberger (Tubingen): Eng; WP;

Paul, Qumran, anthropology, Romans 7,

Prof. em. Andreas Lindemann (Wuppertal): Eng; WP;

Paul (in 2nd), 1 Cor, 1 Clem, Gospels, resurrection, etc.

Prof. em. Hermann von Lips (Halle): WP;

Canon, pastorals, ecclesiology/office, wisdom, etc

Prof. em. Gerhard Lohfink: WPDNB; Wiki;

Jesus, Lord’s Prayer, New Atheism, Passion etc.

Prof. Hermut Löhr (Bonn): Eng; WPWP;

Hebrews, Phil, worship, ethics, apostolic fathers, etc.

Prof. Winrich Löhr (Heidelberg): Eng; WP;

Canon; Marcion; Gnostics; Arius, Pelagius, etc.

Prof. Eduard Lohse (1924-2015): Wiki; DNB;

Paul, Romans, Colossians, Philemon, ethics, faith, Lord’s prayer

Dr. Stefanie Lorenzen (Saarland): WP;

Image, Paul, Philo, Wis, Jesus, prophet, freedom, Luther, theodicy

Prof. Dieter Lührmann (1939-2013): DNB;

Topics: Galatians, Mark, apocrypha

Prof. em. Karl Löning (München): WP;

Luke-Acts, miracles, Judaism, death, creation, death of Christ, etc.

Dr. Susanne Luther (Mainz): Eng; WP;

Speech ethics, James, Matt, hermeneutics, canon, parables, miracles, etc.

Lena Lütticke (Wuppertal): Eng; WP;

Hiddenness of God

Prof. em. Ulrich Luz (Bern): Eng; WP;

Matt, SM, Q, Mark, Paul, Wirkungsgeschichte, NTT, etc.

Prof. Christoph Markschies (Berlin): Eng; WP; Acad; TW; GFN/AV

Institutions, Canon, Gnosis, 2nd century, Origen, Apocrypha, etc.

Dr. Heidrun Mader (Heidelberg): WP;

Montanist Oracles, Mark and Paul’s theology, etc.

Dr. Jens-Christian Maschmeier (Bochum): Eng; WP;

Paul, Justification, Luther, NPOP, 2 Cor, etc.

Lukas Matthews (Hamburg): WP;

Paul school, slavery, social history

Prof. Moises Mayordomo (Basel): EngWP; Acad;

Paul, Matt, SM, Rev, hermeneutics, violence, masculinity

Matthias Maywald (Zürich): WP;

Romans 5-8 (PhD)

Prof. Martin Meiser (Saarland): Eng; WP;

Septuagint, Patristic exegesis, Mark, Paul, Luther, etc.

Prof. Ulrich Mell (Hohenheim): WP;

1 Thessalonians, Mark, Christology, Parables, pilgrimages,

Prof. Annette Merz (Groningen): EngWP; WPAcad; BibGFN;

Jesus, Paul, Thecla, Pseudepigraphy, etc.

Prof. Christoph Gregor Müller (Fulda): WP;

Luke-Acts, 1 Peter, etc.

Dr. Rita Müller-Fieberg (St. Augustin): WP; Bib;

Acts, persons as models for action, Revelation, freedom, etc.

Prof. Franz Mußner (1916-2016): Bib;

Paul, Galatians, Israel, Christian-Jewish dialogue, etc.

Prof. Bernhard Mutschler (Ludwigsburg): Eng; WP;

Faith, eschatology, Pastorals, Gnosis, Irenaeus, John, 2nd cent.

Dr. Gudrun Nassauer (München): WP; Acad;

Luke-Acts, Luke 1-2, Christology, rhetoric, etc.

Luke Neubert (München): Eng/WP; Acad;

Pseudepigrapha, Matthew, Mishnah, Josephus, etc.

Prof. Maria Neubrand MC (1955-2020): WP; Bib; Obituary

Luke-Acts, Acts 15, Abraham, Rom 4, Phil, antijudaism, John, etc.

Dr. Nils Neumann (Bern): WP;

Revelation, Luke-Acts, Galatians, SM, rhetoric, cynics

Prof. Tobias Nicklas (Regensburg): Eng; WP;

canon, apocrypha, 2Pet, 2Thess, Rev, Mt, Mk, Paul, Jesus

Prof. Karl-Wilhelm Niebuhr (Jena): Eng; WP; Acad;

Corpus Judaeo-Hellenisticum, Paul, James, Law, etc.

Veronika Niederhofer (Zürich): Eng; WP;

Paul and Thecla (PhD), Faith, Matthew, miracles, etc.

Prof. Christoph Niemand (Linz): EngWP; Bib;

SynP, Transfig, footwash, cross, resurrection, faith, Harry Potter

Volker Niggemeier (Münster): WP;

Baptism and Temptation in Luke (PhD)

Prof. Loren Oberlinner (Freiburg): WP;

Jesus, resurrection, eschat, Jn, Mk, Lk, Mt, Pastorals, antijudaism

Prof. Gerbern Sibern Oemega (McGill): Eng/WP;

Messiah, Paul, Matthew, apocalyptic, Jesus, apocrypha, etc

Dr. Friederike Oertelt (Augustana): WP;

Philo, art, gender, politics, philosophical currents

Nicole Oesterreich (Leipzig): WP; Acad;

Altered states of consciousness in Early Christianity (PhD)

Dr. Julien Ogereau (Berlin): Eng/WP; Acad;

Paul, Phil, collection, Κοινωνία, Asia Minor, Greece, epigraphy, etc.

Prof. Markus Öhler (Wien): Eng; WP; Acad; GFN;

Associations, Elijah, JBap, Lament, etc.

Dr. Tania Oldenhage (Basel): Eng; WP;

Gender, postcolonial, post-Holocaust interpretation, passion, etc.

Prof. Heike Omerzu (Copenhagen): Eng; WP; Acad;

Mark, Acts, Paul, John, Gender studies, hermeneutics

Eric Souga Onomo (Bamberg): Eng/WP; Acad;

Topics: 1 Cor 9- freedom- apostleship-money-Cameroon (PhD)

Prof. em. Peter von der Osten-Sacken (Berlin): Eng; WP;

Paul, Israel, Law, Jewish-Christian dialogue, etc.

apl. Prof. Karl-Heinrich Ostmeyer (Marburg): Eng; WP; WP;

Prayer, baptism, antisemitism, typology, parables, etc.

Prof. Silvia Pellegrini (Osnabrück): WP/Bib; WP;

Elijah, tolerance, Thomas, Mk, Luke, feminist, infancy gospels

Prof. Imre Peres (Debrecen): WP; WP;

Eschatology, Greek Epitaphs, etc.

Prof. Rudolf Pesch (1936-2011): Bib

Mark, Acts, Paul, etc.

apl. Prof. Silke Petersen (Hamburg): WP;

Mary Mag, John, I Am, Gnostic, LSup, Jesus, Judas, canon

Prof. Joseph Pichler (Graz): WP;

Luke-Acts, Paul reception, John/Syn, Passion, SM, Mark, miracles

Prof. Peter Pilhofer (Erlangen): EngWP;

Philippi, Psidian Antioch, Smyrna, Acts, etc.

Philipp Pilhofer (Berlin): WP;

Maryrdom literature, christianisation in Cilicia, etc.

Prof. Susanne Plietzsch (Salzburg): Eng; WP; Acad; Blog;

Freedom, Paul, rabbinic, conversion, meals, Midrash, Talmud

Prof. i.R. Ekhard Plümacher (Berlin): Wiki;

Topics: Luke-Acts, historiography, etc.

Helge Pönnighaus (Heidelberg): WP;

Pauline collection (PhD), etc.

Prof. Enno Edzard Popkes (Kiel): Eng; WP; Near-Death

John, Love, Gospel of Thomas, parables, miracles, Near-Death

Prof. Uta Poplutz (Wuppertal): EngWP;

Matt, Paul, Gal, John, Mark, 2 Pet, church year, resurrection

Dr. Dumitru-Mitrut Popoiu (Goethe Universität): WP;

Paradise; Hingabe in Christianity and Hinduism, etc.

Annette Potgieter (Berlin): Eng/WP; Acad;

Military metaphors in Paul (PhD), Spirit, wisdom, Hebrews etc.

Prof. i. R. Wilhelm Pratcher (Wien): Eng; WP;

Apostolic fathers, apologists, 2 Clement, James, Paul

Prof. Ferdinand R. Prostmeier (Freiburg): WP; Acad;

Synoptic Gospels, 1 Peter, 2nd century, apologists, ethics, etc.

Jan Quenstedt (Leipzig): WP;

Diakonia (PhD), Corpus Judaeo-Hellenisticum Novi Testamenti

Dr. Volker Rabens (Jena): Eng/WP; Acad; BibGFN;

Paul, Spirit, Ethics, agency, 1 Pet, Philo, Rom, 1 Thess, John, etc.

Stephan Rehm: WP; Blog;

Luke-Acts, prophetic symbolic acts, etc.

Prof. Michael Reichardt (Bonn): WP;

Mark, Damascus, Jesus Tradition, eschatological, etc.

apl. Prof. Angelika Reichert (Münster): Eng; WP;

Romans, Rom 7, Mark, Pliny, etc.

apl. Prof. Wolfgang Reinbold (Göttingen): Eng; WP; Acad;

Matthew, Christianity & Islam, mission, passion narrative, etc.

Prof. Eckart Reinmuth (Rostock): EngWP; Bib;

Paul, Spirit, law, Luke, 1 Thess, historiography, herm, canon, ethics

Prof. Boris Repschinski (Innsbruck): Eng; WP; Acad;

Matthew, controversy, synoptics, law, Mark, etc.

Prof. Rainer Riesner (Dortmund): Eng; WP; Acad;

Jesus, Paul, tradition, teacher, archaeology, Qumran, etc.

Swantje Rinker (Kiel): WP;

Resurrection/Damascus Experience (PhD)

Prof. James M. Robinson (1924-1960): Wiki;

Jesus, Q, Nag Hammadi, Thomas, Qumran, Bultmann, etc.

Prof. Günter Röhser (Bonn): Eng; WP;

Sin, predestination, Stellvertretung, exegesis, SM, Jesus

Prof. Hannah Roose (Bochum): Eng; WP;

1-2 Thessalonians, Pseudepigraphy, Rev, eschatological co-rule

Dr. Agnes Rosenhauer (Würzburg): WP;

Reception of Eve in early Judaism and NT

Dr. Dieter Roth (Mainz): Eng/WP;

Marcion, 2nd cent, textual crit, Q, SynP, Luke-Acts, MMLazBD

Dr. Hans-Ulrich Rüegger (Zürich): WP;

Soul, hermeneutics, language, freedom, God, etc.

Dr. Jan Rüggemeier (Bern): WP; Acad; GFN

methods, narratology, Mark,  social history

Nicole Rupschuss (Zürich): WP;

Women in Qumran (PhD), resurrection, etc.

Michael Rydryck (Goethe Universität): WP;

Punitive miracles in Luke-Acts (PhD), 1 Peter, etc.

Prof. Jorg Christian Salzmann (LTH): WP;

EC worship, OT/NT, ancient exegesis, 1Clem, 1Cor, Abraham, etc.

Prof. i.R. Dieter Sänger (Kiel): EngWP; Acad;

Galatians, Israel, Paul, scripture, LSup, Septuagint, SM, Jesus, etc.

Stephanie Schabow (Hamburg): WP;


Dr. Christoph Schaefer (Tübingen): WP;

Luke-Acts, Israel, Paul, reception history, etc.

Dr. S. Schapdick (Bonn): Eng; WP;

John, Moses, etc.

Dr. Ursula Schattner-Rieser: WP; Acad;

Early Judaism and biblical studies, Qumran, language of Jesus, etc.

Prof. i.R. Ludger Schenke (Mainz): WP;

Resurrection, cross, Mark, miracles, John,

Dr. Gottfried Schimanowski: Eng; WP; Acad;

Rev 4-5, preexistence, resurrection, Alexandria, 1 Thess etc.

Dr. Egbert Schlarb (Marburg): WP; Bib;

Pastorals, heresy and truth, Gnosis, etc.

Victor Schlenkin (Zürich): WP;

Ecclesiology (PhD), 1-2 Thessalonians, etc.

Dr. Benjamin Schliesser (Zürich): Eng; WP; Acad; GFN;

Paul, Faith, pistis Christou, Doubt, Phil, Jesus, NT theology, etc.

Dr. Christine Schlund (Berlin): WP;

Passover, John, Septuagint, etc.

Prof. Thomas Schmeller (Goethe Üniversität): Eng; WP; GFN;

2 Cor, partition, Paul, associations, memory, Mark, liberation, etc.

Dr. Hans-Jörg Schmid (Freiburg): EngWP;

1Jn, death of Christ, antisemitism, Christian-Islam dialogue, ethics

Dr. Eckart David Schmidt (Mainz): Eng; WP;

Jesus, Strauss, Luke, hermeneutics, 1Thess, sanctification, Mk, etc.

Prof. Josef Schmidt CSsR (St. Augustin): WP; Bib;

Matthew, Acts, Mark, Peter, Jacob, Moses, star

Prof. Matthias Schmidt (Giessen): WP;

1-2 Peter, Mark, pseudepigraphy, Luke-Acts, etc.

Dr. Michael Schneider (Goethe Universität): EngWP;

1 Corinthians, Matthew, etc.

Prof. Sebastian Schneider (Vallendar): WP;

Topics: Resurrection, 1 Thess, 1 Cor, Eph, Lk, Mt, justification,

Prof. Udo Schnelle (Halle): Eng; WP; GFN;

Paul, John, NT Intro; NT Theology, etc.

Dr. Klaus Scholtissek (Jena): Eng; WP;

John, 1 John, Mark, Luke, Paul, tradition, Messiah, Jesus, etc.

Marievonne Schöttner (Würzburg): WP;

Judas, Gnosis (PhD)

Prof. Luise Schottroff (1934-2015): Wiki; DNB;

1 Cor, feminist, translation, parables, LSup, Lydia, Jesus, liberation

Dr. Christian Schramm: WP; Acad;

Daily life exegesis, historical Jesus – resurrected Christ, rest, Mark

Prof. em. Tim Schramm (Hamburg): WP;

Gospels, parables, hermeneutics, psychological, Mark, Lk, etc.

Prof. Stefan Schreiber (Augsburg): EngWP; Bib;

1-2 Thess, 123 John, NPOP, Torah, Empire, Christology, Mk

Michael Schreiter (Münster): WP;

Temptation in James (PhD)

Prof. Jens Schröter (Berlin): Eng; WP; AcadGFN;

Historiography, Jesus, canon, apocrypha, Thomas, NTT, etc.

Prof. Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza (Harvard): Eng/WP; Acad;

Hermeneutics, feminist exegesis, Jesus, Paul, Revelation, etc.

Konrad Schwarz (Berlin): WP;

Parables in the Gospel of Thomas (PhD)

Apl. Prof. Dr. Anna Maria Schwemer: WP; Eng.

Jesus, Paul, Lives of the Prophets, etc.

Prof. Helmut Schwier (Heidelberg): WP;

Temple, preaching, etc.

Prof. Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965): WikiHT; TC;

Jesus, Paul, mysticism, etc.

Apl. Prof. Dr. Albrecht Scriba (Mainz): WP;

Theophany, Jesus, criteria, Romans, SoM, preexistence, etc.

Dr. Simone Seibert (Gottingen): WP;

Lukan, Oracles, Gregory’s Dialogues, etc.

Prof. Aho Shemunkasho (Salzburg): WP/Bib

Syriac Christianity

Prof. em. Heinrich von Siebenthal (FTH Gießen): WP; WP; GFN;

Grammar, translation, methodology, linguistics, truth, etc.

Prof. i.R. Folker Siegert (Münster): Eng; WP;

Homily, Philo, Josephus, Paul, Luke-Acts, John, Luther, JCD

Dr. Marcus Sigismund (Wuppertal): Eng; WP:

Septuagint, family, age, fatherlessness, coins, 1 Peter, etc.

Prof. Thomas Söding (Bochum): Eng; WP;

Jesus, Mk, Mt, Lk, John, Paul, Gal, canon, NTT, etc.

Prof. Michael Sommer (Halle): Eng; WP;

Revelation, 2 Thess, 1 Tim, Luke, Revelation of Peter, etc.

Dr. Julia Snyder (Regensburg): Eng/WP;

Acts, Acts of John, Acts of Philip, Acts of Paul, Acts of Thecla, etc.

Jakob Spaeth (Zürich): WP; Acad;

Topics: Pauline I-constructions and Christian self-perception (PhD)

Prof. Angela Standhartinger (Marburg): Eng; WP; Bib; Acad;

Paul, Phil, Col, Empire, women, meals, Joseph&Aseneth, Bultmann

Prof. em. Ekkehard W. Stegemann (Basel): EngWP; Bib;

Paul, Romans, Israel, antisemitism, Mark, etc.

Prof. Hartmut Stegemann (1933-2005): Wiki; DNB;

Topics: Qumran, Jesus, John the Baptist, etc.

Prof. Wolfgang Stegemann (1984-2010): Eng; WP;

Historical Jesus, Luke-Acts, Jewish-Christian Dialogue

Prof. Herbert Stettberger: (PH Heidelberg): WP;

Luke, possessions ethic, meals, cognitive, pedagogy, empathy, film

Prof. Christian Stettler (Zürich/STH Basel): Eng; WP; WP; Acad;

Jesus, Paul, last judgment, Law, Colossians, Mark, etc.

Prof. em. Volker Stolle (LTH): WP; Bib;

Luther and Paul, Mark, etc.

Prof. Angelika Strotmann (Paderborn): WP/Bib:

Father, Israel, John, Memory, Jesus, Mark, Sirach, etc.

Prof. Martin Stowasser (Wien): WP;

John the Baptist, Galatians, Israel, Mark, Luke-Acts, John, Rev

Prof. David Friedrich Strauss (1808-1874): Bib; Wiki; LJ, HT, TC

Jesus, myth, OTNT, etc.

Prof. Christian Strecker (Augustana): EngWP;

Paul, Jesus, cultural, ritual, performance, body, NPOP, NTT

Prof. Loren Stuckenbruck (München): AcadWP/WP;

Apocalyptic, 1 Enoch, Qumran, Revelation, Romans, etc.

Prof. em. Peter Stuhlmacher (Tubingen): Eng; DNB;

Jesus, Paul, justification, NPOP, NT Theology, hermeneutics, etc.

Prof. Luzia Sutter Rehmann (Basel): Eng; WP; Bib;

Paul, Romans, feminist exegesis, apocalyptic, Revelation

Dr. Sören Swoboda (Jena): Eng; WP;

Josephus, death, Matthew, redaction criticism, etc.

Prof. Gerd Theissen (Heidelberg): Eng/WP; GFN;

Jesus, Paul, Social hist., theory of EC religion, NTT, psychology

Prof. em. Michael Theobald (Tübingen): Eng; WP;

John, Paul, Romans, Grace, LSup, Ephesians, Pastorals, SM, etc.

Prof. Jacob Thiessen (STH Basel): Eng; WP; Acad;

Paul, 1 Cor, Rom, justification, NPOP, Israel, synP, Acts

Prof. Michael Tilly (Tübingen): Eng; WP; Acad;

Judaism, Apocalyptic, Maccabees, tradition, Revelation

Prof. Markus Tiwald (Duisburg-Essen): Eng; WP; Acad;

Q, itinerants, Paul, death of Christ, etc.

Prof. David du Toit (München): Eng; WP;

Mark, Jesus, criteria, Apollonius of Tyana, Bauer, etc.

Dr. Franz Tóth (Zürich): WP; Acad;

Revelation, Rev 4-5, Exodus in Matthew, etc,

Dr. David Trobisch (Museum of the Bible): Eng/WP; Acad;

Textual criticism, canon, corpus Paulinum, Acts, performance

Prof. i.R. Peter Trummer (Graz): WP;

Topics: Resurrection, Lord’s Supper, miracles, etc.

Prof. Christina Tuor-Kurth (Basel): WP;

Jewish-Christian dialogue, Luke-Acts, child exposure

Nadine Ueberschaer (Zürich): WP;

Mark, Faith in John and Paul (PhD), etc.

Prof. Manuel Vogel (Jena): EngWP; Acad;

Covenant, Josephus, 2Cor 5, LAB, Galilee, historiography, JSyn

Prof. Anton Vögtle (1910-1996): WP; GFN;

2 Peter, Jude, Jesus, Revelation, Christmas, resurrection, etc.

Prof. Samuel Vollenweider (Zürich): EngWP; Acad;

Freedom, Paul, death/dying, creeds, etc.

Prof. Robert Vorholt (Luzern): WP;

Apostleship, resurrection, NT Theology, 1 Peter, etc.

Dr. J. Cornelis de Vos (Kiel): Eng; WP; Acad;

Hermeneutics, ethics, land Israel, Decalogue, Hebrews, etc.

Prof. em. François Vouga (Wuppertal): WP; GFN;

History of Christianity, Paul, Galatians, 123John, Mt, SM, NTT, etc.

Dr. Klaus Wachtel (Münster): Eng/WP; Acad;

Textual Criticism, 1 Corinthians, etc.

Dr. Reinhard Weber (Göttingen): WP;

Messianic Secret, Mark, Law, Philo, Rom 7, Bultmann

Prof. em. Hans Weder (Zürich): WP; Bib;

Parables, freedom, John Prologue, time, hermeneutics, etc.

Prof. i.R. Alexander J. M. Wedderburn (München): Eng/WP;

Romans, resurrection, history, death of Christ, etc.

Prof. Lothar Wehr (Eichstätt): WP;

Eucharist, Peter and Paul, Trinity, Paul, John, Revelation, Mark

Prof. Hans-Ulrich Weidemann (Siegen): EngWP; Acad;

Masculinity, Paul, Pastorals, Matt, John, Mark, etc.

Prof. Johannes Weiss (1863-1914): Wiki; PJRG, HT; TC;

Jesus, Paul, 1 Cor, history of primitive Christianity, etc.

Ass. Prof. Annette Weissenrieder (SanFran): Eng/WP; Acad;

Body, miracles, Luke-Acts, spaces, oral/writ, medicine, visual art

Prof. Alexander Weiss (Goethe Universität): EngWP; Acad;

Social elites, slavery, Acts, Ramsey, Harnack, etc.

Prof. em. Klaus Wengst (Bochum): EngWP; Bib;

John, 123 Jn, Phil, Rev, Mt, SM, Israel, Jesus, humility, resurrection

Kathrin Wenzel (Duisburg-Essen): WP;

Law in Q (PhD)

Dr. Christian Wetz (Oldenburg): WP;

eros, conversion, Joseph and Aseneth, happiness, Colossians

Dr. Joel White (FTH Gießen): Eng/WP; Acad;

Paul, Colossians, Revelation, anti-imperial exegesis, etc.

Prof. Peter Wick (Bochum): Eng; WP;

Phil, worship, Paul, methods, SM, Rev, Mt, John, etc.

Kaja Wieczorek (Heidelberg): WP;

Kingdom of God in Luke (PhD)

Tobias Wieczorek (Bonn): WP;

Believers and unbelievers in the Letters of Paul (PhD)

Prof. Florian Wilk (Gottingen): Eng; WP;

OTNT, Septuagint, Isaiah, Paul, 1-2 Cor, synoptics, NTT

Prof. em. Ulrich Wilckens (Hamburg): WP;

Romans, John, NTT, death/resurrection, historical criticism, etc.

Prof. em. Oda Wischmeyer (Erlangen): Eng; WP; Bib; GFN;

Hermeneutics, Paul, James, Ben Sira, Mark, Acts, etc.

Dr. Stephan Witetschek (Freiburg): Eng; WP; WP; WP; Acad;

Ephesus, Thomas and John, Revelation, Q, etc.

apl. Prof. Thomas Witulski (Bielefeld): Eng; WP;

Paul, Galatians, imperial cult, Revelation, etc.

Prof. em. Michael Wolter (Bonn): Eng; WP; Acad; GFN;

Paul, Luke-Acts, Ethos, Jesus, NT Theology etc.

Prof. Ansgar Wucherpfennig SJ (Sankt Georgen): Eng; WP;

Gnosis, Heracleon, John, Mt 1-2, Paul, Jesus, mission, canon, SM

Prof. William Wrede (1959-1906): WikiHTTC;

Mark, Messianic Secret, Paul, 2 Thess, NTT, etc.

Prof. Adrian Wypaldo (Münster): WP;

Mark, transfiguration, James, Titus, 1 Peter, etc.

Hiroko Yamayoshi (Heidelberg): WP;

Fall of Jerusalem reflected in Early Christian texts (PhD)

Prof. Werner Zager (Goethe Universität): Eng; WP;

Apocalyptic, Schweitzer, Bultmann, Jesus, Paul, Luther, etc.

Prof. Korinna Zamfir (Babes-Bolyai): Eng/AcadWP;

Pastorals, Men and women, Isa 52-53, beatitudes etc.

Prof. Jürgen Zangenberg (Leiden): Eng/WP; Acad;

Archaeology, Qumran, Alexandria, Galilee, resurrection, Mt, purity

Prof. Dieter Zeller (1939-2014): Eng; Bib; Wiki; BW;  DNB;

Paul, 1-2 Cor, death of Christ, resurrection, Hellenistic, Philo, Jesus

Carolin Ziethe (Heidelberg): WP;

Gentiles/Nations in Matthew and OT (PhD)

Adriana Zimmermann (Dresden): WP;

Meals, Didache, Traditio apostolica, 2nd century, etc.

Dr. Christiane Zimmermann (Berlin): WP; Acad;

Paul, Gal, Rom, God, Asia Minor, Father, Israel, 1 Tim, Antigone

Prof. Ruben Zimmermann (Mainz): Eng; WP/Bib; Bib; GFN;

John, Parables, hermeneutics, Ethics, etc.

Ass. Prof. Michael Zugmann (Linz): EngWP;

Luke-Acts, Hellenists, 1 Thess 1.9-10, Josephus, Philo, Luke 7, etc.

Prof. em. Jean Zumstein (Zürich): Eng; WP;

John, resurrection, intertextuality, Paul, etc.

Prof. Reinhold Zwick (Münster): EngWP;

Mark, Jesus films, religion in film, hermeneutics, apocalyptic, etc.


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