My Publications on Freedom

Here is a list and summary of my publications on freedom in the New Testament, which give special attention to Paul and the German tradition.

2009. Coppins, Wayne. The Interpretation of Freedom in the Letters of Paul: With Special Reference to the ‘German’ Tradition. WUNT II/261. Tübingen: Mohr (Link).

2011. Coppins, Wayne. “Paul’s Juxtaposition of Freedom and Positive Servitude in 1 Corinthians 9:19 and Its Reception by Martin Luther and Gerhard Ebeling.” Lutherjahrbuch 78: 277-298 (Link).

2014a. Coppins, Wayne. “Freedom.” Pages 313-318 in The Oxford Encyclopedia of Bible and Ethics. Vol I. Edited by Robert L. Brawley. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014.

2014b. Coppins, Wayne. “Freedom. New Testament.” Pages 675-677 in vol. 9 of Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception. Edited by D. C. Allison, Jr., C. Helmer, C.-L. Seow, H. Spieckermann, B. D. Walfish, and E. Ziolkowski. Berlin: Walter de Gruyter.

Giving special reference to the German exegetical tradition, my book attempts to shed light on three key issues, namely the importance of freedom in Paul’s letters and theology, the centrality and meaning of ‘freedom from the law,’ and the relationship between freedom and service/slavery. In my Lutherjahrbuch article and my contribution to the Oxford Encylopedia of Bible and Ethics, I develop further my perspectives on the relationship between freedom and service/slavery, whereas my article for the Encyclopedia of the Bible and its Reception gives greater attention to the topic of ‘freedom from the law’. Finally, I also revisit and nuance my discussion of methodological issues in my two encyclopedia articles on freedom. I hope that these publications will prove a helpful orientation to the rich tradition of German New Testament scholarship on freedom and that they will simultaneously help to advance the exegetical and theological discussion at select points.

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