This is my editor-translator’s tool kit. Cf. my resource pages on Learning Germangeneral, languages, audio-videolinks.

German:, Linguee, TPGCeroneCoppins, DLTCollinsDuden, WLDWDS, Wiktionary (cf. here)

GNT: Tyndale, NA28, MSSTCG, BWA, GNTR, NRSV, NASB, GermanBibles (cf. here)

LXX/HB: Tyndale, LXXNETS, BGAT (cf. here)

Search: Google, GBooks, NGramSSearchWikiE, WikiG, Wcat

Tools: LSJ, PGL, Logeion, BMGDPerseus, AGGNT; BDF, ATR, EngBrAmLatdict, Hebrew, Coptic (cf. here)

Abbreviations: WikiGLSJPerseus, DGELatin, German (cf. here)

Bibliography: IT, Bildi, bibil; topical; theses; GThom;

Texts: Gospels, GTh, Early Jewish Writings, Sefaria Jewish Texts, JosephusEarly Christian Writings, Qumran Digital, Bibliothek der Kirchenväter, Online Classical Works, LCLTCN, ICGPearse PDFs (GCS, PG, PL, PO), MignePTA, AthanasiusRabbinics, Luther, GreekAudio

Open Access Journals: JEAC, TC, (cf. also here)

Open Access Books (modern): Digi20, ODT, Heilig’s Hidden Criticism ; OADTL (cf. also here), CORE

Open Access Books (classics): ODT, Strauss’s Das Leben Jesu (1935/36), Bauer’s Orthodoxy and Heresy; OADTL;  (cf. also here)

Other Resources: VCS, LIDO, BiblIndexOrbise-ClavisHandbook of NarratologySEP, AHE; Philosophy; HebrewsGreekVideos; GermanCommentaries, WBS, WSAMBib; BOTS, VCS, PaulAnderson, Glenny, Nietzsche, GwL, ETC, VetusLatina, HatchLXX; BookofEnoch; TextCritCom; KRfNTS; PRG; WTGC; ABB; IXT; ParsingPractice; CDAMM; OADTL; Context-Reading; LXXBib; Talmudic-Aramaic, Endings-of-Mark, Conditionals

Libraries: Emory, Princeton, Tübingen, UGA; GilFind; HEIDI;

UGA Interlibrary Loan

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  5. They can be hit and miss, but reddit translator and reddit German I have found to both be very helpful forums for discussing issues that I can’t figure out with the dictionaries.

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