This is my editor-translator’s tool kit. Cf. my resource pages on Learning Germangeneral, languages, audio-videolinks.

German:, Linguee, TPGCeroneCoppins, DLTCollinsDuden, WLDWDS, Wiktionary (cf. here)

GNT: Tyndale, NA28, MSSTCG, BWA, GNTR, NRSV, NASB, GermanBibles (cf. here)

LXX/HB: Tyndale, LXXNETS, BGAT (cf. here)

Search: Google, GBooks, NGramSSearchWikiE, WikiG, Wcat

Tools: LSJ, PGL, Logeion, BMGDPerseusBDF, ATR, EngBrAmLatdict, Hebrew, Coptic (cf. here)

Abbreviations: WikiGLSJPerseus, DGELatin, German (cf. here)

Bibliography: IT, Bildi, bibil; topical; theses; GThom;

Texts: Gospels, GTh, Early Jewish Writings, Sefaria Jewish Texts, JosephusEarly Christian Writings, Bibliothek der Kirchenväter, Online Classical Works, LCLTCN, ICGPearse PDFs (GCS, PG, PL, PO), MignePTA, AthanasiusRabbinics, Luther, GreekAudio

Open Access Journals: JEAC, TC, (cf. also here)

Open Access Books (modern): ODT, Heilig’s Hidden Criticism ; OADTL (cf. also here), CORE

Open Access Books (classics): ODT, Strauss’s Das Leben Jesu (1935/36), Bauer’s Orthodoxy and Heresy; OADTL;  (cf. also here)

Other Resources: VCS, LIDO, BiblIndexOrbise-ClavisHandbook of NarratologySEP, AHE; Philosophy; HebrewsGreekVideos; GermanCommentaries, WBS, WSAMBib; BOTS, VCS, PaulAnderson, Glenny, Nietzsche, GwL, ETC, VetusLatina, HatchLXX; BookofEnoch; TextCritCom; KRfNTS; PRG; WTGC; ABB; IXT; ParsingPractice; CDAMM; OADTL; Context-Reading; LXXBib; Talmudic-Aramaic, Endings-of-Mark

Libraries: Emory, Princeton, Tübingen, UGA; GilFind; HEIDI;

UGA Interlibrary Loan

7 thoughts on “Toolkit

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  5. They can be hit and miss, but reddit translator and reddit German I have found to both be very helpful forums for discussing issues that I can’t figure out with the dictionaries.

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