A Collection of Videos and Interviews on Topics in Early Christianity

I’m starting to compile a list of audios and videos that may be worth listening to/watching. I say “may” because I have not yet found time to watch most of them! In other words, I am simply trying to add things that look like they might be worth checking out as I see them posted by the scholarly community. Needless to say, not all of the views contained therein represent my own.

Other (Better!) Collections of Audio-Video Resources

Biblical Studies Lecture Series (here)

Biblical Studies Online (here)

Eerdmans Author Interview series (here)

Free Resources for Bible Geeks (here)

Free Courses on Classics/Ancient World (here)

Nottingham Video Series (here)

NT Pod (here)

On Script Podcasts (here)

Bird’s favorite Podcasts (here)

Women Biblical Scholars Audio-Videos (here)

Levine’s Sherman Lectures (here)

F.F. Bruce Audio (here)

Lectures on New Testament Books


Keener on Matthew (here)

Senior on the Passion and Death of Jesus in Matthew (here)


Bibledex (here)

Braun on When and Why Did the Gospel of Mark become a Christian text (here)

BSCL Podcasts (here)

Gooder on Mark (here)

Kirk on “Mark: The Big Picture” (here)

Lane on Mark (here)

McLean Performance of Mark (here; cf. here)


Pitre on Luke 4: Temptation Narrative (here)

Pitre on Luke 4: First Sermon at Nazareth (Part 1 and Part 2)

Pitre on Luke 5: Call of Simon Peter (here)

Huebenthal: How the Third Gospel Narrates Jesus (here)

Kreitzer on Luke and the Reformers (here)

Walton on Doing Theology Lukewise (here)



Pitre on the Wedding at Cana (here)

Synoptic Problem

Goodacre pro Farrer contra Q (here)

Kloppenborg pro Q contra Farrer (here)


Bauckham on Divine and Human Community in John (here)

Reinhartz and others Anti-Judaism [John 8] (here)

Reinhartz on John and the Parting of the Ways (here)

Robinson on John (here)

Joel Marcus on the Parting of the Ways Between Judaism and Christianity (here)


Barrett on Acts (here)

Keener on Jewish backgrounds and Acts (here)

Keener on Acts (here)

Marshall on Acts (here)

Walton on Acts (here and here)


Bird on Romans (here; here)

Campbell & Tilling on Paul (here)

Gaventa on Romans podcast (here)

Gaventa on Salvation in Romans (here)

Gaventa on Romans 9-11 (here)

Gaventa’s 2016 Sprunts Lectures on Romans (here)

Gaventa on ‘What is the Book of Romans Trying to Do?’ (here)

Witherington, Keener, and Miller (here)


Moo on Galatians (here and here)

1-2 Corinthians

Malcolm on 1 Corinthians and Corinth (here)

Paul/Travis on The Apostle Paul’s Corinth (here)

Schenk on 1 Corinthians (here)


Markus Barth on Ephesians, Colossians (here)


Markus Barth on Ephesians, Colossians (here)

James D.G. Dunn on Colossians (here).


Paula Gooder on Philippians (here)


Kamell on James (here)

D. Moo on James (here)

Lockett on James/1Peter (here)

1 Peter

Lockett on James/1Peter (here)


Attridge and Bartlett on Revelation (here)

Blount on Revelation Today (here)

Byron on the Mystery and Message of Revelation (here)

DeSilva on How Apocalypses work (here; cf. here and here)

DeSilva: A Political Reading of the Book of Revelation (here)

McGrath on Revelation (here)

Marxist Interpretations of Revelation (here)

Pagels on Evil in the Context of the History of Religion (here)

Gospels (General)

Bockmuehl and Strawbridge: A Transforming Vision in the Gospels and Loving the Triune God in Paul (here)

Keener on the Gospels as biographies (here)

McGrath on Passion Narratives and Crucifixion (here)

Mournet on How did we get the Gospels (here)

Brown on Passion Narratives and More (here)

Gospels (Synoptic Problem)

McGrath on Relationship between the Gospels (here)

Schenk on Synoptic Problem (here)

Theologians Reading the Gospels (here)

Paul (General)

2008 Paul Symposium (here)

Barclay on Paul and Gift (here and here)

Barclay on Paul and Empire (here)

Bird on apocalyptic Paul (here)

Bockmuehl and Strawbridge: A Transforming Vision in the Gospels and Loving the Triune God in Paul (here)

Boyarin on Two Pharisees: Flavius Josephus and Paul the Apostle (here)

Bultmann on “The Concept of Freedom in Christianity and Classical Antiquity

Campbell and Moo Debate on Justification (here)

Chester on Pauline Studies (here)

DeSilva on Hearing the Whole of Paul’s Good news (here; cf. here)

Gathercole on Sins in Paul (here; cf. Volker Rabens)

Hurtado on Paul’s Messianic Jesus (here)

Johnson on Paul (here).

Moyise on Paul’s use of Scripture according to NT Wright (here)

Tilling on Adoption and Justification (here)

Tilling on Paul’s Divine Christology (here; here)

Willems’ Paulcast: here)

Wright and Dunn on the New Perspective on Paul (here)

Lectures on Ancient Christian Apocrypha

Tite on the Apocryphal Epistle to the Laodiceans (here)

Plese on the Gnostic Myth, Apocryphon of John (here)



Levine on Anti-Jewish New Testament Interpretation (here)

Troubling Legacies: Anti-Judaism in Antiquity and Its Aftermath (here)

Joel Marcus on the Parting of the Ways Between Judaism and Christianity (here)


Taylor on Philosophical and Theological Anthropology (here)

Atonement, Reconciliation, etc.

Bruce McCormack on Atonement and Human Suffering (here)


Michael Holmes Lecture on Bruce Metzger (here)

John Marsh, George Caird, and Oxford in 1970 (here)


CSCO series (Agnew, Bond, NovensonParvis, Parvis, Agnew)

Evans on the Christmas Story in Israel (here)

Keener on Understanding Jesus’ Genealogy (here)

A. Lincoln on Born of a Virgin? (here)

B. Lincoln on the Magi (here)

McGrath on Infancy Narratives (here)

Canon and Related

Hayward Lectures on the Formation of the Canon (here)

Ehrmann on the Making of the New Testament Canon (here)

Gullotta on Marcion (here)

Hurtado on Bookroll and Codex (here)

Lang on Unstable Canons and the Fingerprints of Forgery (here)

Lieu on Marcion and the Corruption of the Gospel (here)

Meade and Kruger on canon (here)

Mroczek on “The Literary Imagination in Jewish Antiquity” (here; cf. here)

Context of Early Christianity

Charlesworth, John the Baptist, Jesus, and the Dead Sea Scrolls (here)

Collins on the Dead Sea Scrolls: A Biography (here)

Collins on Torah and Jewish Identity in Second Temple Judaism (here)

Desilva YouTube Channel (here)

DeSilva on the Hellenistic Period: From Alexander to Antiochus III (here)

DeSilva on the Hellenizing Reform and its Aftermath (here)

DeSilva on The Maccabean Revolt and the Rise of Partisan Judaisms (here)

DeSilva on the Hasmonean Dynasty and its Decline (here)

DeSilva on Facets of Roman Imperial Ideology (here)

Feldman on Maccabees’ opposition to Greek religion and culture (here)

Magness on her excavations of the Galilean synagogue at Huqoq (here)

Nickelsburg on Temple in 1 Enoch (here)

Stone on Armenian (here)

Christology (cf. Trinity)

Bauckham and Crossley on Jesus and the God of Israel (here; cf. here; and here).

Capes on Christology (here)

DeSilva on Wisdom and Early Christology (here; cf. here)

Ehrman-Gathercole Debate on Christology (Part 1, Part 2)

Ehrmann-Bird Debate on Christology (here)

Gathercole on Preexistence in the Synoptics (Part I, Part II, Part III; cf. Dunn Review and Kok Christology of Mark)

Hays on Did all the Gospel Writers Believe Jesus was Divine (here)

Hurtado on Early High Christology (here)

Jipp on Christ is King (here)

Pelikan on The Need for Creeds (here).

Tilling on Paul’s Divine Christology (here; here)

Williams on Christ and the Logic of Creation (here)


Ehrman/Bass on “Did the Historical Jesus Claim to be Divine” (here)

Ehrman/Bauckham on Gospels and Eyewitness Testimony (here and here)

Ehrmann-Bird Debate on Christology (here)

Ehrman-Craig Debate on the Resurrection (here; cf. Civitas Humana)

Ehrman-Gathercole Debate on Christology (Part 1, Part 2; cf. hereherehere. here, here, here, here/herehere, here, here, here, here, here, here)

Campbell and Moo Debate on Justification (here)

Evans-Ferguson on the Gospels (here)

Kirk-Gagnon on same-sex relationships et alia (here)

Early Christianity

Fredricksen: Jesus, Paul and the Origins of Christianity (here)

Hurtado and Holland on Early Christianity (here)

Hurtado, Destroyer of the Gods, On Script (here)

Hurtado on Early Christian Distinctiveness in the Roman World (here)

Markschies Audio-video (here)


Leonhardt-Balzer on Evil at Qumran (here)

Newsom on Demons and Angels in Early Judaism (here)

Pagels on Evil in the Context of the History of Religion (here)

Rollston on the Rise of Satan in Early Second Temple Judaism (here)

Skinner on “Overcoming Satan, Overcoming the World” (here)

Stuckenbruck on How Much Does the Christ Event Solve? (here)

Tilling on “Paul, Evil, and Justification Debates” (here)

Wassermann on “Variants of Evil in the New Testament” (here)

Zahl on the Lost Doctrine of Sin (here)


Barclay on the Poor and the Early Church (here)

Knust on Sexual Desire, Marriage, Homosexuality in the Bible (here)

Heikki Räisänen, “Are Christians Better People?” (here)

Hermeneutics, Linguistics, Historiography, Memory

2016 ST. Mary’s Memory Conference (day 1 and 2).

Fry on Gadamer, hermeneutical circle (here)

Green on Revelation and C. S. Lewis (here)

Hays on The Creed as Hermeneutical Lens for Reading Scripture – and Vice-Versa (here; cf. here)

Hays on Figural Reading of the Old Testament in the New (here)

Keith on “Social Memory Theory and the Gospels” (here; cf. also here)

Keith/Crossley on Social Memory, Form Criticism, and the Criteria of Authenticity (here)

D. Moo on Bible Translation (here)

Runge on Discourse Analysis in the New Testament (here)

Tilling on Biblical Genre and Relational Truths (here)

Witherington on the Bible and History (here)

Jesus / Historical Jesus

Allison on Historical Jesus (here, here)

Bauckham/Marshall on Jesus in Context (here)

Bond on Jesus of Nazareth/Historical Jesus (here)

DeSilva on Jewish Martyrology and the Death of Jesus (here)

Dunn on “The First Faith” (here)

Gathercole on The Journeys of Jesus and Jewish Geography (here)

Goodacre Podcasts on Historical Jesus (here)

Goodacre Links on Jesus (here)

Harland on Historical Jesus in Context (here)

Jesus and Brian Conference Videos (here)

Jesus in the Canonical and Gnostic Gospels (here)

Johnson on Jesus Among the Philosophers (here)

Keener on Historical Jesus (here)

Levine on Short Stories by Jesus (here)

Levine on the Jewish Jesus (here)

Levine on Who Did They Say He Was (here)

Martin on Historical Jesus (here)

McGrath Links on Historical Jesus (here)

Moyise on Reimagining the Jewish Jesus (here)

Myles on Jesus and Homelessness (here)

Wright’s 2018 Gifford Lectures (here)

History of Interpretation/Reception History

Brown on Alms, Work and the Holy Poor: Early Christian Monasticism (here)

Coakley on Modernity Against Sacrifice (here)

Gordon on The Bible, Authority, and the Struggle for History in the Reformation (here)

Sliwka, Ahmanson, Quash on John the Baptist in Art (here)

Taylor on Women Biblical Interpreters: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow (here)

Williams on Adolf von Harnack (here)

Yoshiko Reed on The Bible Beyond the Bible: From Apocrypha to Anime (here)

Kingdom of God

Fee on the Kingdom of God (here)

France on the Kingdom of God (here)


Hayes on Divine Law in Greco-Roman, Christian, and Rabbinic Conceptions (here)

Liberation Theology (cf. Ethics)

West and Cone, Black Prophetic Fire (here)

Miracles (cf. Resurrection)

Keener and McGrew on Miracles (here; cf. here)

Twelftree on The Historian and the Miraculous (here; cf. here)

NT/Biblical Theology

Beale on Biblical Theology (here)

Caird Lectures on New Testament Theology (here)

Davis: A Prophetic Perspective (part I; part II; part III)

Goldingay on God, Disability, and Life (here)

McDonald on the Old Testament and Monotheism (here)

Pennington on Human Flourishing (here)

Thompson on Christ and Human Flourishing (here)

OT and Jewish Traditions in NT

F.F. Bruce, The Time is Fulfilled (here)

Hays on Echoes of Scripture in the Gospels (here)


Stanton and Dunn on the Parables of Jesus (here)


Ehrmann (here)

Ehrman-Craig Debate on the Resurrection (here; cf. Civitas Humana)

Henze (here)

Licona (here)

Martin (here)

Söding (here)

Wright (here)

Other YouTube Videos (here)


DeSilva (here)

Law: Septuagint Sessions (here)

Yarchin on Greek Old Testament Textual Traditions (here)


Coakley on Modernity Against Sacrifice (here)

Moule on Reconciliation, Metaphor, and Reality (here)

Zahl on the Lost Doctrine of Sin (here)

Textual Criticism

Pioneers of the Trade (here)

Hurtado on Scrolls and Codex (here)


Gordon on The Bible, Authority, and the Struggle for History in the Reformation (here)

Louth on Byzantine Theology (here)

Williams on Theology (here)

Zahl on Future of Protestant Theology (here)


Dube on Translation, Postcolonialism, Globalism (here)

Hill: Toward a Theory of the Early Development of the NT text (here)

Keener on Translations (here)

Moo on Evangelicals and Bible Translation (here)

Trinity (cf. Christology)

Bates podcast on trinity (here)

Edwards on The Doctrine of the Trinity in the Early Church (here)

Irons on the Trinity (here)

MacCulloch on ‘What if Arianism had Won?’ (here)

Moltmann on the Trinity (here)

Myers on early trinitarian theology (here)

Sanders on Christology Conciliar Intro (here)

Women in Early Christianity

Cohick on Women in the Roman World (here)

Yarbro Collins on Women in Early Christianity (here and here)


Interviews on Topics

Keener interviews (here)

Markschies on Early Christianity (here).

Porter on Tischendorf (here)

Witherington Interviews and Lectures (here)

Wright Interviews and Lectures (here)

Interviews on Books

Burnett on the Gospel According to the Blues (here)

Campbell (Framing Paul, Eerdmans: here; cf. here).

Cohick on Women in the Roman World (here)

Dunn (The Oral Gospel Tradition, Eerdmans: here).

Enns on The Bible Tells Me So: here)

Fee on How To Read the Bible for All its Worth (here)

Keith (Jesus against the Scribal Elite: here)

Lincoln on Born of a Virgin? (here)

Longenecker and Still (Thinking Through Paul: here)

Rudolph and Willits (Introduction to Messianic Judaism: here and here)

Tilling on Paul’s Divine Christology (here)

Watson (Gospel Writing, Eerdmans: here or here; cf. here and here and here).

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