For an overview of upper-level undergraduate religion classes for Spring 2017, see spring-2017-provisional-schedule-docx.

Students should consider making an appointment with the career center (see here).

For an interesting article on how to prepare for exams, see here.

Information for All Students

If you have found this blog, then I assume you might be interested in identifying more useful resources for studying Early Christianity on the web. If so, I recommend beginning with New Testament Gatewaybiblicalstudiesonline, and STEP. For further guidance, see my resource pages, which can be found here (general), here (links and reading suggestions), here (German Resources), and here (audio-video material).

Information for Undergraduate Students

Each semester, ALL undergraduate Religion Majors are encouraged to schedule an advising appointment with me (Dr. Coppins) in my capacity as Undergraduate Coordinator, including first and second years students, despite the fact that such students will also be formally advised by Franklin until you have completed 60 hours of study. To make an appointment with me, please sign up for an advising slot on the list posted on my office door (# 9 Peabody Hall).

Answers to FAQ about Advising and the Religion Major can be found here.

Students interested in pursing a career in New Testament Studies are encouraged to consult the document “A Roadmap for Aspiring New Testament Scholars“.

Information for MA Students

Prospective M.A. students are encouraged to consult my information page (here) and the Department of Religion website (here).

You may also wish to consult my document “A Roadmap for Aspiring New Testament Scholars”.

Advice for your academic journey can also be found here.

Links to some of the major journals in the field can be found here.

For a helpful post on how to conduct yourself at conferences, see here and here.

William Ross also has some helpful resources 0n Biblical Studies Societies and Conferences here.

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