Roadmap Tips from Others

General Orientation and PhD Programs

Why Not to Do a PhD

CV/Resume Tips

Roadmap (Wayne Coppins)

Interested in a NT PhD (Nijay Gupta)

Thinking about a PhD (various links)

University of Chester Guides for PhD Students

PhD Programs in NT (Part I, Part II, P. Strickland)

Mapping your Academic Career (G. Burge)

The Professor is In (Karen Kelsky)

AAR Career Guide for Racial and Ethnic Minorities in the Profession

A Guide for Women in Religion (Moultri/Hunt/Ali)

Mentor in a Manual: Climbing the Academic Ladder to Tenure (Schoenfeld/Magnan)

Grad Cafe

Inside Graduate Admissions

What makes a good letter of reference (David Lincicum)


The Thesis Wisperer (Inger Mewburn)

The best two books on doing a thesis (Inger Mewburn)

How to Write a Thesis  (Umberto Eco/Shawn Wilhite)

Studying a PhD: don’t suffer in silence (Alan Percy).

What your supervisor means when they give advice on your draft (Katherine Firth)

On Writing and Publishing

Dissertation to First Book Process (religious studies project)

How to Get Published in Peer Reviewed-Journals (exegetical tools)

How to Get Published (Katya Covrett)

Stylish Academic Writing (Scot McKnight/Helen Sword)

Want to be taken seriously as scholar in the humanities? Publish a monograph (Melissa Terras)

The Trick to being a Prolific Scholar (Tanya Golash-Boza)

From the Journal Editor’s Vantage Point (Kirsten Bell)

30 tips for successful academic research and writing (Deborah Lupton)

Landing a Job and Everything Else

How to Apply for an Academic Job in the UK (Stephen R. Holmes)

The Professor is In (Karen Kelsky).

First Time on the Job Market (Karen Kelsky)

Job Market Mentor: A Few Simple Rules (John Cawley)

After your PhD (Claudia Setzer)

Advice for Academic Job Seekers (Tim Gombis)

Advice for New Hires (Pamela Oliver; cf. Gupta Excerpt)

ATS Advice for New Faculty

Peer Review: How to Get it Right (here)

Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion


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