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This blog will be primarily devoted to matters pertaining to the translation of German New Testament scholarship. I hope that students, scholars, and fellow translators will find it useful for their own efforts to read and translate German texts. For a complete list of my previous blog posts, please see here. My plan is to write a new blog post on at least one Monday per month.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions presented on this blog may not represent the groups or organizations with which the author is affiliated. In other words, everything written on this blog should be regarded as the personal statement of Wayne Coppins and not as an official statement of the University of Georgia or any other institution with which I am affiliated.

2 thoughts on “This Blog

  1. Hello Wayne
    I just came across your blog. It is most welcome, and will be particularly encouraging for those launching into the field of theological translation. One can feel quite isolated, especially working independently and, as in my case, from Australia. (I translated Jüngel’s last book under the title Justification: The Heart of the Christian Faith, then Oswald Bayer’s book on Lutheran ethics: Freedom in Response, then a short compilation on the History of Religions School: Albert Eichhorn, The Lord’s Supper in the NT.) I look forward to following your blog. – Jeff Cayzer

    • Many thanks for your note Jeff – and, even more, for your translations of such important German works! I have fond memories of Jüngel and Bayer from my days in Tübingen and therefore especially appreciate your translation of their works! Likewise, many thanks for your translation of Eichorn’s work on the Lord’s Supper in the NT for the SBL series, which is an excellent contribution to scholarship. Thanks for getting in touch, and I hope that we will cross paths in the flesh some day! Best, Wayne

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