Resources, Learning German

German Dictionaries

Dictionaries:, LingueeCollinsCoppins, DudenDWDSWiktionary (cf. here)

German Textbooks and Grammars

Andy Rowell’s review of German Textbooks and Grammars;

Open Access Textbook

Handbook of Reading Theological German, with options for taking Theological German Online and Virtual Private Tutoring (here).

German Vocabulary

Memrise Theological German

German with LingQ and C. Heilig


German Study Guides

Der, Die, Das: Essential Guide (German with Laura)

German Declension: Essential Guide (German with Laura)

Grammar Topics (German with Laura)

Studying in Germany

10 things to know before studying in Germany (cf. here)

Andy Bowden on Preparing for Studies Abroad (cf. here)

German Works and Audio-Video

Daily Dose of Theological German

Bibliographies of German Scholars

My Audio-Video Links

My Links to German Works

German Courses

CKI Courses in Conversational German

Dr. Thorsten Moritz at

International Summer School: German (and) Theology

German is Easy Blog Online Course

Erasmus Academy Online Summer German Course (cf. Scacewater plug)

italki Language Lessons and Tutors (cf. here)

Learn German Online

German Pronunciation Help

Free On-line Courses

Sites, Programs, TV Shows, Radio (David Lincicum recommendation) (M. Halcomb & M. Montonini recommendation)

Goethe Institut Lern Deutsch

Learn German with Babbel

Digital Dialects

Rosetta Stone

Language Learning Apps

7 German TV Shows (cf. here)

German Radio Stations

Sites to Watch German Videos, TV, Movies

Films Links for Beginners (cf. also here)

German for Children

Piggy pedagogy (A. Sager’s blog on raising a child bilingually)

Little Pim (I’ve heard it’s free with Amazon Prime)

Die Sendung mit der Maus


Free German Children’s Books

Advice from Blog Posts and Related Links

Strategies for Learning a Foreign Language

JohnDave Medina on Theological German (cf. here)

Chris Tilling on Starting to learn German for NT studies

Ken Brown on How to Learn Theological German

Mark’s Reference Tab at Theological German

Learn German with Andrew

Katie Girch Academic Theological German NT Vocab

LearnoutliveblogFluentU and Transparent Language Blog

Abilene Christian University German Page

For my translation process, see Clifford Kvidahl Interview.

Blogs by German Scholars

See here.

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