Ethiopic Bible (here)


* For my German resource page, see here.


Fontsherehere, here.

Bibliographies and Resource Pages
NT Gateway Page (here)
Bibliography of Hellenistic Greek Linguistics (here)
Discourse Analysis Annotated Bibliography (here)
Starting to Learning Greek
Daily Dose of Greek (here)
Exegetical Tools (here)
NT Readings, Easiest to hardest (here)
BDF (here)
Lexicons and Tools
Lexicon zur byzantinischen Gräzität (here)
Lampe (here)
LSJ (herehere)
Perseus Morphology Tool (here)
Thesauras Linguae Graecae, TLG (here)
Greek New Testaments
Historic Editions (here)
Nestle-Aland 28 (here)
Codex Vaticanus Online (here)
Septuagint: Greek (here and/or here)
Septuagint: Nets (here and here)
Septuagint: King (here)
Septuagint Sessions Podcast (here)
Septuagint Göttingen, Abram (here)
Septuagint Tools (here)
Other Greek Resources
Ancient Greek OCR (here)
Aubrey on Tense and Aspect (here)
Aubrey on the Greek Perfect (here)
B-Greek (here)
Dik’s Nifty Greek Handouts (here)
Interview series on Greek scholars (here) (here)
Greek Language and Linguistics (here)
Gruber-Miller Resources (here)
Renshaw’s Vocabulary for Greek, Latin, and Hebrew (here)


Renshaw’s Vocabulary for Greek, Latin, and Hebrew (here)


Gruber-Miller Resources (here)
Latdict (here)
New Testament, Latin-English (here)
Notre Dame Latin Bibliography (here)
Notre Dame Dictionary/Grammar (here)
Perseus Latin Dictionary (here)
Perseus Hopper (here)
Schenck on the Latin nouns (here and here)
Vocabulary Helps for Greek, Latin, and Hebrew (Renshaw: here)
VROMA (here)
Whitaker Words (here)

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