Abbreviations for Primary Texts, German and English

This page will contain select German [or Latin] abbreviations for primary sources that I had trouble finding

Resources: WikiGabbreviationkeyLSJPerseus, Classical Abbreviations, AncientGreeksE, AncientGreekAuthorsG, AncientRomansE, AncientLatinAuthorsGLatin AbbreviationsHippocrates, Lampe (cf. here)

* For the works of Galen, see the Appendices in the Cambridge Companion to Galen.

The following list is alphabetical by abbreviated title of work rather than by category or author.

Asp. (Menander) = Aspis = The Shield

CorpHerm = Corp.herm. = Corpus hermeticum

De Morb. Pop. = Hippocrates, De morbis popularibus = Epidemiae = Epid. (see here)

EpApost = Ep.Apos. = Epistle to the Apostles

Fig. (Alexander) = De Figuris/On Figures (actual title is in Greek; Spengel Rhetores Graeci III).

Immut. (Philo) = Deus = Quod Deus immutabilis sit

Lib. Geepon. (Hero of Alexandria) = Liber Geeponicus

MTeh = Midrash Tehillim = Midrash on Psalms

OrMan = Pr. Man. = Prayer of Manasseh

OrSib = Sib. Or. = Sibylline Oracles

ParJer = Paralipomena Jeremiae [or Parileipomena Jeremiou?] = 4 Baruch

Physic, Op. (Theophrastus) = Physic, Op.

Piet. (Theophrastus) = De pietate

Vit. Aesch. (Apollonius) = Vita Aeschinis

VitProph = L. Pro. = Lives of the Prophets

TestSeb [usually TestZeb] = T. Zeb. = Testament of Zebulun

Thren = Threni = Lamentations

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