Links for Käsemann Enthusiasts (bad pun intended)

If you have written a Käsemann post that you would like me to add to this list, please email me at wcoppins*AT* (replace *AT* with @).

For Ernst Käsemann’s posthumously published book On Being a Disciple of the Crucified Nazarene, see my RBL Review. See also Wayne Copins 1, Jim West 1Michael Bird 1Andrew Faris, and Jim Gordan.

For English-language posts related to the 1977 murder of Ernst Käsemann’s daughter Elisabeth Käsemann in Argentina, see Elisabeth Käsemann FoundationLillie Langtry and John Hobbins. For online German articles, see e.g., Spiegel July 12 2011,  Die Welt July 15 2011, Die Welt June 1 2014, Die Welt June 5 2014, Spiegel June 5 2014, T-Online June 6 2014, Spiegel December 19 2014. Cf. also ZeitOnline November 1977.

For a selection of excerpts from Käsemann’s letters and publications, see Jim West 2Mark Goodacre/Paul Zahl, Matthew MontoniniClifford KvidahlBen BlackwellJon Couttsd.millerNick NowalkKait Dugan, and Nijay Gupta. See also Matthew Montonini/Calvin Roetzel.

For additional posts that pertain to Käsemann, see Ben Blackwell’s valuable series of blog posts, which can be found here and here and here. See further Jim West 3Chris Tilling (cf. here), Michael Bird 2David CongdonNeil GodfreyJason GoroncyR. Allan StreettKevin ScullFerdie MulderMichael KrugerTodd BrewerDaniel KirkNatalie BurrisJames PedlarJames McGaheyAnders GerdmarDenny BurkJeffrey Aernie/Ben Dunson, and Diglotting.

For lectures on Käsemann, see Matthew Montonini/Calvin Roetzel.

For a critical yet appreciative engagement with Ernst Käsemann’s work, I also recommend Brevard Child’s book The Church’s Guide For Reading Paul (see the index).

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