Reinhard von Bendemann, English Publications

This is a bibliography of R. von Bendemann’s English publications. For a more complete bibliography, see here.

2006. “‘Many-Coloured Illnesses …’ (Mk 1.34 ) – On the Significance of Illnesses in New Testament Therapy Narratives”. Pages 100-124 in Wonders Never Cease. The Purpose of Narrating Miracle Stories in the New Testament and its Religious Environment. Edited by M. Labahn and B. J. L. Peerbolte. LNTS 288. Library of New Testament Studies 288. London: T&T Clark.

2012. “Christmas.” Pages xxx in EBR 5.

2011. “Ave Maria.” Pages xxx in EBR 3.

Find equivalent in RPP to Art. „Vergeltung III: Neues Testament“, RGG, Bd. VIII, 4. Auflage, Tübingen 2005, 1000-1002.