2015 Fall Informal-Provisional Schedule with Categories

Here is an “informal”, “provisional” schedule with categories for upper-level RELI classes that may be taught in Fall 2015.

For a more comprehensive and authoritative listing of classes please see Athena (here)

Informal means: this information represents my personal understanding at present of what will probably be taught rather than an official university statement.

Provisional means: the information here may well change, i.e., you cannot bank on this information being correct and it may not be complete. See Athena for official information.

Please note that this list only contains a selection of the language courses and lower level courses such as RELI 1001, RELI 1008, RELI 2004H etc.

If you have completed 80+ hours, then you are encouraged to schedule a grad check here.

For Major Requirements and Course Categories, see here.

For University Requirements, see here. For Franklin Requirements, see here.

For information about individual faculty members, see here.

For the CAPA description of various courses, see here.

Syllabi for past courses and current courses can often be found here.

For information about how to schedule an appointment with the career center, see here.

Provisional Schedule (with categories)

* Interested in the New Testament?

Why not take Greek Intensive Greek this summer (see here) in preparation for Dr. Coppins’s Greek course on the Gospel of Mark in 2015?

Aderibigbe, Simon

1) RELI 4625/6625: Eschatology in African Religion

T/Th: 11am-12:15; category 6

Coppins, Wayne

1) RELI (GREK) 4089/6089: Biblical Greek

MWF: 9:05-9:55; Category 1

2) RELI 4084/6084: Gospels [focus on Mark]

MWF: 10:10-11am; Category 1

Foster, Robert

1) RELI 4040/6040: Apocalyptic Literature

T/Th: 11am-12:15; category 1

2) RELI 4082/6082: Life and Letters of Paul

Time (?); category 1

3) RELI 4900: Ethics and the Bible

T/Th: 3:30-4:45; category 1

Friedman, Richard Elliott

1) RELI 4001/6001: OT/Hebrew Bible

T/Th: 12:30-1:45; Category 1

Godlas, Alan

1) RELI 4302/6302: Islam/Modern World

T/Th: 2:00-3:15; category 3

Halpern, Baruch

RELI 8700 (Graduate Level)

Harrison, Frank (Philosophy)

RELI 4500/6500: Philosophy of Religion

T/Th: 9:30-10:45; Category 5

Lemons, Derrick

1) RELI 2003H: Introduction to Religious Thought (Honors)


2) RELI/ANTH 4110/6110: Anthropology and American Religion

T/Th: 11-12:15; Category = 4 or 5.

Lyon, Jodie

1) RELI 4101/6101  History of Christian Theology: Ancient-Medieval:

T/Th: 12:30-1:45; Category = 1 or 5

2) 4900 Feminist Theology: An introduction to some of the major issues in feminist theology, including both critical and constructive feminist approaches to the doctrine of God, Christology, and theological anthropology.

T/Th: 2:00-3:15; Category = 1 or 5

3) 1003 (large format): MWF 9:05

4) 1003 (regular): MWF 10:10

Martin, Sandy

1) RELI 4107/6107: American Religious History

T/Th: 11-12:15; Category 4

Medine, Carolyn

1) AFAM 2000: Introduction to African American Studies

MWF at 12:20; Fulfills Diversity & Multicultural Requirements

2) RELI 7770 (Graduate)

3) RELI 7771 (Graduate)

Roberts, Jason

1. RELI 4103/6103: Catholic Theological Perspectives

MWF: 1:25-2:15; category 1 or 5

2. RELI 4900: Topics = Christian Anthropology: Past, Present, Future (see further here)

MWF: 12:20-1:10

3. RELI 1001: MWF at 9:05

4. RELI 1001: MWF at 10:05

Spina, Nanette

1 RELI 4401/6401 Buddhist Tradition

T/Th: 3:30-4:45pm; Category = 2

2) RELI 1002 India China Japan

T/TH: 12:30-1:45pm

Weaver, Jace

1) RELI 2004: Intro to Religion in Native American Culture
T/Th: 9:30-10:45
2) RELI 4705/6705: Topics in Native American Studies
T/Th: 11-12:15; category 6

Weaver, Laura

1) RELI 4701/6701: Methods in the Study of Native American Culture
T/Th: 2pm-3:15; category 5 or 6

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