Advising Appointments

Dear Religion majors,

I am writing to give you some guidance about the Spring 2015 schedule, advising appointments, and graduation check appointments.

But before doing so, let me start with a shameless plug for my forthcoming translation of Jens Schröter’s Jesus book here.

I. Schedule

I have posted an informal-provisional schedule for Spring 2015 here.

II. Scheduling an Advising Appointment

All religion majors who have completed more than 60 hours are advised by me.

I also encourage first and second year majors to schedule an advising appointment with me, though you will be formally advised by Franklin until you have completed 60 hours.

If you would like to set up an advising appointment for the coming semester, then please stop by my office (# 9 Peabody Hall) and sign up for a time slot on the schedule posted on my door.

So far I have posted some advisement slots for Monday Sept 15, Wednesday Sept 17, and Wednesday Sept 24.
III. Scheduling a graduation check appointment:

Those who have COMPLETED more than 80 hours should also schedule grad check appointment (see here).


Dr. Coppins


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