“aha” moments: biblical scholars tell their stories (Peter Enns Blog)

Peter Enns has an interesting series of posts that involves “biblical scholars of evangelical backgrounds telling their stories about their “aha” moments that convinced them they needed to find different ways of handling the Bible than how they had been taught.” See below for a list of these posts. Cf. also John Byron, I (Still) Believe.

1) Enns (here; cf. here and here and here; but cf. Kruger here/here and Wilson here)

1b) Beale’s Response to Enns (here); Skinner’s response to Beale (here).

2) Byron (here; cf. Blomberg here and Byron here)

3) Kirk (here; but cf. Bock here)

4) Pahl (here)

5) Halton (here; but cf. Currid here)

6) Skinner (here; cf. his interview here)

7) Hays (here)

8) Ruffin (here)

9) Le Donne (here)

10) Tilling (here)

11) Keith (here)

12) DeFranza (here; but cf. Köstenberger here)

13) Bovell (here)

14) Trozzo (here)

15) Anonymous Pastor (here)

16) Brown (here)

17) Halcomb (here)

18) Dalrymple (here)

For a related contribution cf. also Stephen Young’s paper “Prospective Strategies and the Prestige of the ‘Academic’“.

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