Resources, Links

I am using this page to link items that I see posted and want to be able to find later. But hopefully, some of the links will also be helpful to others. Many of them, of course, do not reflect my own views.


See here

A good place to Start

NT GatewayBiblical Studies Online, STEP,  Bible Odyssey, Electronic Resources for Classicists

Audio and video materials

NT Pod, Septuagint Sessions, Biblical Studies Online Podcasts

My audio-video links in English (here) and German (here)

Bibliographical Pointers

Classic articles on Romans, Schenk (here)

Biographical Reflections by Scholars

“Aha Moments”, Peter Enns Blog (here)

Bible Scholars, Daniel Gullotta Blog (here)

“German Scholars” Posts, my blog (here)

Scholar Interviews (Septuagint), William Ross blog (here)

Women Biblical Scholars, Interviews (here), Videos (here)


40 Maps that Explain the Roman Empire (here)

Corpus Judaeo-Hellenisticum Novi Testamenti Links (here)

Bremmer on Roman-era Mystery cults (here)

Electronic Resources for Classicists (here)

Philo/CRINT/Diaspora (here)


Durham Theses (here or more fully here)

Southern Seminar Dissertations and theses (here)

Select UGA Theses: Matthew Hopper (F. C. Baur), Elizabeth Katz (“the Jews” in John);  Jeffrey Tripp (Special Knowledge in John), Amanda Atkinson (Conversion/Resurrection), Mitchell Esswein (High Christology), David Callaway (Galilee)


Faith Feminisms (here)

The Junia Project (cf. here)

Women Scholars on the Gospels and Acts (here)

Women Biblical Scholars [Bibliographies, interviews and more] (here)


Bibliography Link (here)


See here

Liberation Theology

Liberation Theology Reading List (Cynthia R. Nielsen; cf. here)

Liberation Theology Blog Series (Cynthia R. Nielsen)

Teaching Racism as a Biblical Scholar (Mitzi J. Smith)

New Testament Theology

Annotated Bibliography, Exegetical Tools Blog (here)

Old Testament/Jewish Traditions in the New Testament

OT Quotations in the Gospel of Matthew (here)

Quotations from the Old Testament in the New Testament (here)


Gregory of Nyssa bibliography (here)

Fourth Century Christianity Website (here)

Patristics Resources (Shawn Wilhite)

Patristics Carnivals

Roger Pearse Blog/Resource (here)

Quotes, Tweets, and the like

Augustine Quotations (here)

Luther Quotations (here)

Kierkegaard Quotations (here)

Tweeting Barth’s Dogmatics (here)

Varieties of Love in the Christian Tradition (here)

Scholar Home Pages and Resource Pages

Raymond Brown Page (here)

David DeSilva Home Page (here)

Craig Keener Home Page (here)

Robert Kraft Homepage (here)

Brian LePort Resources (here)

Sam Rogers’ Bibliographies (here)

NT Wright Page (here)

Social Memory

Anthony Le Donne on Social Memory (here)

Textual Criticism

Askeland on NT Textual Critical Signs (here)

Text Critical Symbols (here)

Fenlason on Göttingen apparatuses to LXX Isaiah 53 (here)


Translation Studies for Biblical Scholars (Bryan Bibb; cf. here)

Video Version: Benjamin G. Wright on Translation Theory and the Interlinear Paradigm for Septuagint Studies

Information for Translators (here)


Myers, 21 grammatical rules (here)


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