Mark Chancey’s April 8th Lecture on “Revisiting Sepphoris and the Romanization of Galilee” at UGA

I am happy to announce that Dr. Mark Chancey, Professor of Religious Studies at Southern Methodist University, will be giving a lecture entitled “Revisiting Sepphoris and the Romanization of Galilee” at the University of Georgia on April 8th from 6:30-8pm in the South Journalism Plaza Auditorium. This lecture will be sponsored by the UGA Jewish Studies Program and the UGA Department of Religion.

Description of the Lecture

Dr. Mark Chancey will speak on the significance of the ancient Galilean city of Sepphoris (now known as Israel’s Zippori National Park) for Jewish and biblical studies. With its Roman theater and some of the region’s most spectacular mosaics, Sepphoris has been hailed as a prime exemplar of Greek and Roman urban culture. Once home to some of early Judaism’s most influential rabbis and within easy walking distance of Jesus’ village, Nazareth, Sepphoris drew widespread public attention in the 1980s and 1990s as archaeologists unearthed its treasures. Scholars speculated that Jesus earned a living as a carpenter and Judah the Patriarch compiled the Mishnah there. This lecture explores portrayals of Sepphoris in scholarly literature as well as popular culture sources ranging from Bill O’Reilly to romance novels. Although specialists in Galilean studies have rejected many of the more sensationalistic claims of earlier scholarship, Sepphoris nonetheless remains an excellent case study of the interaction of local and imperial cultures in the Roman period.


The instructional plaza is located at the heart of the University of Georgia campus. Just down the street from Sanford Stadium, it is located between the Journalism and Psychology buildings, between Baldwin Street and Hooper Street. Dr. Chancey’s talk will take place in the South Auditorium.


Parking should be free after 5pm in the N08 lot near the instructional plaza. This parking lot is located just before the intersection of East Campus Road and Baldwin Street. If you prefer to park at the Tate Parking Deck, you will be subject to hourly charges.


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