Eberhard Jüngel

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Here are a few of my own memories of Prof. Jüngel, shared with the caveat that they are no doubt marked by the frailty of human recollection. In the context of a lunch with Prof. Jüngel in the Tübinger Stift I remember him—a person of great refinement—handing me—an especially uncultured American—a bottle of wine to open, me not managing to figure out how to use the wine opener, and him then taking it from my hands and graciously opening it without a word; I remember him rattling off a host of Pauline texts on justification in Greek during a dinner with students at his residence on the Österberg, and I remember him subsequently turning up the music very loud by accident and saying something like “Poor Hengel will fall out of his bed”, alluding to the fact that Prof. Hengel lived below him; I remember him relating the (apocryphal?) story of how when asked to say something about Philippians for his Bibelkunde exam, he had answered “Rejoice in the Lord  always”, and when asked to say a bit more, adding “Again I say to you rejoice”; I remember him criticizing Plato and then saying something like “we must criticize Plato, but we must also always remember that he remains ‘the great Plato'”; I (think I) remember him saying something like “Apologetics is rebellion against the Holy Spirit”; and I certainly remember the daunting yet exhilarating experience of taking an oral group exam with him for his course on the doctrine of God; but most of all I gratefully remember him as a teacher who gave me an enduring appreciation for theology through his teaching and through his person.

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