German Scholars

The purpose of the category “German scholars” (see here for a collection of my posts in this category) is to  introduce contemporary German scholars to the English speaking world by translating a short passage from their research and by providing some limited biographical information about the scholar in question. Rather than being restricted to scholars in Germany, “German scholars” refers to “scholars from the German language sphere”. 

Contemporary German scholars are invited to submit (a) a key passage for translation from their published work (ca. 3-6 sentences) and (b) some additional biographical-bibliographical information, i.e., WHATEVER information they would like to share about themselves or their research. 

Rather than being restricted to senior scholars, this invitation also applies to junior scholars and current PhD students. In fact,  excerpts from recently published PhD dissertations and Habilitation dissertations are especially welcome.

To submit material for this category, please email me at (replace AT with @). Your submission should include (a) the key passage you are submitting, (b) bibliographical information about the work from which the passage was excerpted, and (c) some additional biographical-bibliographical information, i.e., WHATEVER information you would like to share about yourself or your research.

If you are looking for a blueprint/roadmap, then your contribution could proceed as follows:

1. Education, with reference to select teachers that especially influenced you.

2. Other major influences upon your thinking, including specific scholars and/or traditions of interpretation

3. Main areas of research

4. Current research projects

2 thoughts on “German Scholars

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