Key Quotations

In the category of “key quotations” (see here for a collection of my posts in this category) I will translate short passages (ca. 3-6 sentences) from German works. This category will differ from “model sentences” in two respects. First, key quotations will be longer than “model sentences”, which are limited to one or two sentences. Second, whereas “model sentences” include an extensive grammatical commentary, “key quotations” will only include a selective grammatical commentary. The difference between “key quotations” and “research assistance” is that “key quotations” should represent a key passages in terms of its content, whereas “research assistance” may involve any German sentence or passage that a scholar is having trouble with, irrespective of the importance or significance of its content.

To submit a key quotation (bearing in mind that I may not be able to  translate all submissions), please email me the following information at (replace AT with @):

1) The German passage (ca. 3-6 sentences) that you wish to submit for consideration:

2) The complete bibliographical information for the sentence that you have submitted.

3) Your name (so I can indicate who submitted the sentence).

4) Your position (e.g., PhD student, Assistant Professor, Independent scholar etc.)

5) Your Institution (if applicable)

6) One or two sentences explaining why you think this passage/quotation is especially important (optional).

I look forward to receiving your submission!

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