Marginalia Top Posts 2014

1) Vanishing Jews of Antiquity (Adele Reinhartz; cf. Jew and Judean)

2) The Arabic Bible before Islam (Clare Wilde)

3) Genius Denied and Reclaimed: A 40-Year Retrospect on Marshall G.S. Hodgson’s The Venture of Islam (Bruce B. Lawrence)

4) To Speak Truly about God (Rowan Williams)

5) Traveling to Acquire Knowledge (Daniel Majchrowicz)

6) The Multiple Ideas of India: Narendra Modi and the Meaning of Indian Secularism (Benjamin Siegel)

7) The Presbyterians and I (Shaye J.D. Cohen)

8) fergu(losta)son: mourning michael brown (J. Kameron Carter)

9) Psmith’s Art of Cool: War and Zen in P.G. Wodehouse (Ted Scheinman)

10) The Problem with Identity in Late Antiquity (Todd Berzon)

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