Mark Posts

I will try to use this page to collect Mark blog posts by chapter and topic. We’ll see if anything comes of it.

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Posts on Mark as a Whole

Anderson’s contextual approach to Mark (here)

Ferguson/Shiner on Aesop and Mark (here)

Lincicum on Dividing Mark according to Sense (here)

Watts/Winn on Mark and Elisha/Elisha (here)

Posts on Markan Christology

See also under key texts below

Bird on Mark’s Christology (here/here/here)

Crossley on Mark’s Christology (here)

Ferguson on SBL 2015: Markan Christology (here)

Kok on Mark’s Christology Conversation Continues (here; cf. here)

McClellan on Markan Christology (here)

McGrath Roundup on Mark’s Christology (here; cf. here and here)

Posts by Chapter

Mark 1

Watts: Jeremiah in Mark 1 and 2 (here)

Watts: New Translation of Mark 1 (here)

Watts on Mark 1:1 (here)

Watts on Mark 1:1-11 (here)

Lookadoo on Mark 1:7-11 (here)

Montonini on Divine Christology in Mark 1:1-13 (here)

Skinner on Mark 1:9-15 (here)

Skinner on Mark 1.21-28 (here)

Skinner on Mark 1.29-39 (here)

Mark 2

Kok on Mark 2:1-12 (here and here )

Montonini on Mark 2:1-12 (here)

Mark 4

Montonini on Mark 4:35-41 (here)

Mark 5

Watts on Mark 5:1-20 (here, here, herehere)

Montonini on Mark 5:18-20 (here)

Mark 6

Watts on Feeding of 5000 and Bultmann (here)

Kok on Jesus’s Power over the Sea (here and here [bibliography])

Perriman on Richard Hays and the God who walks on the sea (here)

Periman on Jesus and the Sea (here)

Pitre on the Sea Crossing (here)

Mark 9

Kok on Mark 9:2-9 (here)

Skinner on Mark 9:2-9 (here)

Mark 10

McGrath on Jesus’ Piety in Mark 10:18 (here)

Aubrey on ΘΕΛΩ + SUBJUNCTIVE IN MARK 10:36 (here)

Skinner on Mark 10:46-52 (here)

Mark 13

M. Skinner on original ending of Mark (here)

Long on Stein on Mark 13 (here)

Stein interview with Montonini here

Mark 14

Kok on the trial scene in Mark (here)

Pitre/Ehrmann on Mark 14:53-65 (here)

Mark 16

Carlson/Lunn on the Longer Ending of Mark (here)


Posts by Topic


Hurtado on Jesus as God’s Chief Agent in Mark (here)

Hurtado on Mark’s Christology – Plausibility Factors (here)

Perriman on Jesus as Lord in Mark (here)

Perriman on Simon Gathercole’s argument about pre-existence and divine identity in the Synoptics (here)


Hurtado/Keith on Mark and the Emergence of Early Christian Book Culture (here)


Hurtado on Not a “Film Noir”: The Gospel of Mark (here)

Textual Criticism

Hurtado/Adams on Sense-Unit Divisions in Ancient NT Manuscripts (here)

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