Michael Wolter, The Gospel According to Luke – Volume II

Published in September 2017.

Translated by Wayne Coppins and Christoph Heilig

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Pre-Publication Reviews

“The original German version of Michael Wolter’s magisterial commentary on Luke is already, rightly, a standard work on that gospel. The second volume here completes the English translation of the whole and will enable Wolter’s work to be accessed by a wider readership. Wolter is a master of his craft: the commentary is not afraid to strike out in new directions at times, but the interpretation is always meticulously argued and with a wealth of knowledge and expertise behind it. This translation represents a real boon to scholarship as Wolter’s work will remain an outstanding resource and reference work in all study of Luke’s gospel for many years to come.” —Christopher Tuckett, Emeritus Professor of New Testament Studies, University of Oxford


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