Resources, General

1) For valuable resources, I recommend Mark Goodacre’s website New Testament Gatewaybiblicalstudiesonline, LePort Resources, and STEP.

2) I also recommend Prof. Goodacre’s podcasts at NT Pod, Septuagint Sessions, and other podcasts listed here.

3) And you may want to sign up for book reviews from RBL (here) and Marginalia (here or via Facebook).

4) For an overview of some of the many blogs in the field, I recommend beginning with the “Biblical Studies Carnivals“.

5) For material on one of the great scholars of recent times, I recommend Matthew Montonini’s Raymond Brown site.

6) For my own collection of links and reading suggestions, see here.

7) Two helpful blogs on journals in the field of Biblical Studies and Theology can be found here and here.

8) For resources on German New Testament scholarship, please see my resource page.

9) For some resources for learning Greek, see Gupta and Goodacre.

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