Model Sentences

Under the category of “model sentences” (see here for a collection of my posts in this category), I will provide an English translation of a German sentence (or two German sentences) that I regard as especially insightful or important as well as a concise grammatical commentary and perhaps some critical analysis. In some cases, I will select these sentences from works that I have translated or am translating, but I also want to invite my readers to submit sentences that they regard as especially important or insightful. If you wish to submit a German sentence for consideration (bearing in mind that I may not be able to comment on all the sentences that are sent to me), then please email me the following information at my University of Georgia email address, namely wcoppins*AT* (instead of *AT* write @):

1) The German sentence (or two German sentences, not more!) that you wish to submit for consideration:

2) The complete bibliographical information for the sentence that you have submitted.

3) Your name (so I can indicate who submitted the sentence).

4) Your position (e.g., PhD student, Assistant Professor, Independent scholar etc.)

5) Your Institution (if applicable)

6) One or two sentences explaining why you think this sentence is especially important (optional)

I look forward to receiving your submission!

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