Thomas Schmeller, English Publications

2013. “No Bridge over Troubled Water? The Gap between 2 Corinthians 1-9 and 10-13 Revisited.” JSNT 36: 73-84. 2012. “Diatribe.” Pages 782-784 in EBR 6. 1999. “Was Jesus Revolutionary?” ThD 46/3: 247-254. 1999. “Sociology and New Testament Studies.” Pages 487-492 … Continue reading

Teilungshypothesen and Cicerobriefe according to Peter Arzt-Grabner, Hans-Joseph Klauck, and Thomas Schmeller (Paulus Handbuch Series)

Paulus Handbuch (ed. Friedrich W. Horn; Mohr Siebeck, 2013; see here and PDF). In my second Paulus Handbuch Series post, I looked at Peter Arzt-Grabner‘s section on the text of the Corpus Paulinum, focusing on his interpretation of ΙΟΥΝΙΑΝ in Rom 16:7. In today’s post, I turn to … Continue reading


This page will be devoted to Bibliographies of Neutestamentler/innen in the German Language Sphere (BNGLS). More specifically, it will contain bibliographies of the English publications of German-language-sphere scholars as well as links to their web pages, pages, blogs, and twitter. I know, … Continue reading

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94 Angelika Reichert on the Positive Statements about the “I” in Romans 7 93 Jörg Frey, the Glory of the Crucified One, and the Dwelling of God in Jesus Christ 92. Thomas Söding and the Christology of Mark 91. My Jesus Blog Review … Continue reading