Biblical Greek Resources, RELI (GREK) 4089/6089

Greek New Testaments and Aids

USB Reader’s Edition with Textual Notes: A widely used Greek New Testament with Vocabulary and Parsing aids

Nestle-Aland 28 with Dictionary: A widely used Greek New Testament with critical apparatus and dictionary.

Online Nestle-Aland 28: This is an online version of a widely used text of the Greek New Testament.

Tyndale Greek/English: This online resource provides the SBL/Holmes text of the Greek New Testament as well as English translations and vocabulary help etc.

Bible Web App: This online resource provides parsing and vocab help for the Greek text.


Online LSJ Lexicon: An Online version of the standard Lexicon for Classical Greek.

Gingrich/Danker, Shorter Lexicon of the Greek New Testament: A useful lexicon.

Danker, Concise Greek English Lexicon: More up-to-date than the Shorter Lexicon but also a bit more expensive.

Resources for learning, maintaining, and advancing your Greek

Burlings’s Master New Testament Greek: A Greek New Testament EBook with Vocabulary Flashcards. An interesting resource that I think I might use if I had a smartphone!

Rob Plummer’s Daily Dose of Greek: (cf. here): If you sign up for this resource, you will receive a daily email with a short video that explains New Testament passages. Plummer also has videos on learning Greek.

Exegetical Tools: Greek Reading Videos as well as Basic or Advanced Greek Emails.

Baylor Handbooks on the Greek New Testament: These handbooks provide grammatical analyses for individual New Testament books. See e.g. Luke.

Irons’s A Syntax Guide for Readers of the Greek New Testament: a grammatical resource that seeks to address more advanced issues of syntax and translation.

Intermediate Grammars

BDF Grammar: This is a link to a PDF of a classic New Testament Grammar.

Wallace, Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics: A recent intermediate Grammar that I found helpful at many points.

Wallace, Basics of New Testament Syntax: An abridgment of Beyond the Basics, which is worth having, since it is possible to read it straight through, whereas Beyond the Basics is better as a reference Grammar.

Resources for Textual Criticism

Metzger’s Textual Commentary


Bibliography of Ancient Greek Linguistics

Additional Resources

Additional Resources: See here for further resources I have assembled.



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