Intellectual Biography and Research

I earned my B.A. in Greek and Latin at the University of Georgia from 1994-1998, during which time I also took courses in New Testament Studies from George Howard. I then studied theology for two years at the University of Tübingen in Germany, where I completed the Zwischenprüfung, taking classes with Peter StuhlmacherFriedrich AvemarieOtfried HofiusBernd JanowskiDorothea Wendebourg, and Eberhard Jüngel. I next moved to England where I received my M.A. in Theology and Religion from the University of Durham, working closely with James DunnStephen BartonWalter Moberly, and Loren Stuckenbruck. In 2007 I completed my Ph.D. in Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Cambridge under the supervision of  Graham StantonMarkus Bockmuehl, and David Ford. My doctoral thesis was examined by Prof. Robert Morgan and Prof. John Riches.

My book The Interpretation of Freedom in the Letters of Paul with Special Reference to the ‘German’ Tradition was published in 2009 by Mohr Siebeck (Tübingen, Germany). It has been favorably reviewed in The Expository Times 121 (2010), p. 175 (Derek Brown); Theologische Literaturzeitung 135 (2010), pp. 831-833 (Jan Lambrecht); and Journal for the Study of the New Testament 32 (2010), p. 77 (Gerald F. Downing).

I received a 2011 Society of Biblical Literature Regional Scholar Award for my paper “Paul’s Juxtaposition of Freedom and Positive Servitude in 1 Corinthians and Its Reception by Martin Luther and Gerhard Ebeling.” The published version of this article can be found in Lutherjahrbuch 78 (2011), pp. 277-298.

Of all my publications, I am most fond, despite the modesty of its genre, of my RBL Review of Ernst Käsemann’s book On Being a Disciple of the Crucified Nazarene, since the process of writing it both confirmed and deepened my conviction that “Every decent theology was, is, and will be a theology of liberation” (Ernst Käsemann).

For a full list of my papers and publications, see my publications, and my conference papers.

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