Research Assistance

Under the category of “research assistance” (see here for a collection of my posts in this category), I plan on fielding German-related questions from PhD students or other scholars. While these questions could take a variety of forms, I expect that most of them will involve the translation of a particularly difficult word or phrase or the translation of a difficult sentence or passage. But questions related to matters of content involving German scholarship will also be considered.

Unlike “model sentences” and “key quotations” the questions and sentences submitted to this category do not need to be significant in terms of content. In other words, this is the place to submit questions about sentences that are difficult but not necessarily central in terms of their meaning. But “model sentences” and “key quotations” that are sent in will be classified in this category as well as in their prime category.

To submit a question for consideration (bearing in mind that I may not be able to  include all submissions), then please email me the following information at (instead of AT write @).

1) Your name;

2) Your position (e.g., PhD Student, Assistant Professor, etc.);

3) Your Institution (e.g., University of Georgia);

4) Any necessary bibliographical information pertaining to your question or passage.

5) The question, sentence, or short passage that you are submitting for consideration.

** If you need more extensive research assistance, then I recommend consulting Thorsten Moritz’ website

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